June 26 1929

June 26th 1929

Darling Daddy and Mummy,

You’ll never guess when I’m writing this. Early in the morning before 8 o’clock! You see I knew I would have to go back this afternoon and would probably get heaps of revision to do, so I thought I’d write it now. I’ve just had a cold bath with Pally and we had a lovely time, she’s practising now.

Dear Daddy, thank you ever so much for the postcard, I love the wee bears! And also you for your letter Mum. Doesn’t it seem ages since last Tuesday? I seem not to have seen you for ages.

You are lucky having a holiday! I am aching for one but we haven’t another till end of term now. Jessie’s had a nice little one all to her self though, she’s had a bad cold and may’nt come to school today if she doesn’t want to.

The Gala was lovely, I had a glorious time, we came away straight after the fireworks which didn’t begin till it was dark, you see, so it was fairly late. I spent 5/- all but 2 1/2’ at the Gala. I hadn’t much left had I?

Don’t you like the Club? You must’nt tell anyone, it’s a secret! Masha thought of the name for it and we aren’t going to have any more members, just us!

Phyllis is in our Form too, and all the others, except Masha are higher than us.

We’ve just run off the Sports Heats but I didn’t go in for any because I had to be a senior and there weren’t any nice ones. But you know I’ve been put into St. Georges, the Red House, and I’ve been chosen for one of the first six in the Relay Race, a great honour for little me.

You know the joke about Pally & me & Midsummer Eve, we forgot to get up on the day! I’ve had one cherry off the tree already.

For the last few nights we’ve been playing Stalkums, it’s the most exciting game. Phyl & Masha stalk Pally & me & they try and catch us. 

I’d love to adopt Ernest, daddy, I’ve been longing for a brother, he could come to St.  Peter’s, here. 

Mumsie, you are lucky, Mum, getting a new coat.

Do you think I’ll see Kathleen before she goes? If I don’t give her my love, wo’nt you, I might write her a letter.

You are being gay, now that the little pussycat it is away!

I did my returned French lesson yesterday.

The Confirmation is tomorrow & Miss Ellett came around to our form to-day & asked if anyone wanted to go, and noone put up their hands. I didn’t because I thought Mrs. P. would have told Miss E. that we were all going but she didn’t & we were supposed to say ourselves. Afterwards two girls went and asked if they could go but there isn’t room for anyone else. Masha & Jessie and the 2 School Certif: girls aren’t going. Phyllis is the only border to be confirmed this time. Next week on the Sat we are all going to St. Luke’s Fete, we go every year it seems & a kind old lady who wants to give money to the church gives all the BGites 2/o each to spend. Topping!

Please write soon again to your own girlie 


P.S. I’m sending the H. essay!

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