June 9 1929

June 9th 1929

Darlingest Daddy and Mummy,

Thank you ever so much for the parcel, all the things were lovely. The Russian cake was golopious, we had it for tea and everyone had a piece and we finished it then and there! The choc: biscuits I shared too, also the other biscuits, they were awfully nice daddy, and I’m still attacking the honey for tea. The Potato Crisps were jolly decent, one pkt, we ate before dinner and one in the dorm. after lights out, bad children! 

The Dic: is awfully nice Daddy dear, and the little printer thing is lovely, I’ve done it on the top of my letter, see? The dresses are sweet Mumsie, they really are lovely, I didn’t realize at all that the blue one wasn’t new, I thought is was until you said. Thanks awfully for the little something too, and it’s nice pockets! I think the new one is sweet, I haven’t tried on any of them yet but I think they will be all right. The silk stockings are quite all right & have no holes in, I will be sure and mark my stockings.

My friend hasn’t come yet, so I don’t know if it’s coming. I got a pad on Sat. I didn’t get it as I didn’t go to town but Jessie got it for me, also a birthday card for my darling Gwen, hers is tomorrow Peggy’s is on the 15th I think, please send her a little something Mumsie dear. I can’t send my Hurricane essay yet as it has to be corrected again as I had some mistakes.

Please tell Auntie Mil to stop at York & take me out, I’m so glad Jack will be at home when I am, I’m longing to see him!

Oh Daddy I’m longing to go to the Ex: you are a dearest darling to buy me a season ticket, we will have fun wo’nt we?

I’m so sorry I won’t be able to tell you which day we are going to the Gala, the days are changed to Tues: Wed: and Thurs: and Mrs. P says that Miss Ellett will tell her soon & I’ll tell you on Wed.

The garden will be lovely just now Daddy dearest, and I’m aching to see it. You must spend a lot of time in it.

I’d love to help you sell tickets Daddy! I love doing things like that and I’d be a great help wouldn’t I, dear? I do hop I win a prize, I’d love a Baby Austen and a camera or a portable gramaphone, if I win wine or whiskey you can have it, as a present!

I’m so glad little Ernest Bourne is getting on better, I’ve got a P.C. with three little puppies have a tug-of-war with a glove, on it to send to him, do you think he’ll like it? I’m glad he liked the little motor car, it’s just the sort of think a boy would like isn’t it?

The Mon: is our 1/2 term hol. but I’d love you to come over on Tues: if you could because we just have swimming in the afternoon I don’t think I have a paper of the hols at all Daddy, but I’ll look & see and try and get one for you. We are just going to the Gala one day and I’ve told you before, is you’re coming the secret or not? I am expiring with curiosity!

I’m enclosing to you an invitation I got for you to go to a concert that some of our girls are in at school. I do hope you can come! We went to a play that some of our girls were giving yesterday, there was a silver c’llection and Mrs. P. gave us each a 6’, I ‘spect it will be on the bill. It was awfully good and there was a little play and some dances, and the chorus with actions sung ‘Misery Farm’ and ‘It goes like this’! It was lovely.

The sports are on 10th July and the Tattoo is soon, this is a very full term isn’t it? This morning what do you think we did? Got up five mins, before breakfast and had to scoot, I slept soundly through the rising bell & first breakfast!  We came back after break, and got washed and properly dressed!

On Friday night we were all feeling silly so we all, five of us, got into one single bed! Phyllis, Jessie & Sylvia at the top, Marsha & I at the bottom! We stayed like sardines till about 11:30 then we went to our own beds! Every night Miss John does something for us, when she takes lights, she recites or dances or something she does it beautifully, we’re all convinced that she’s married to the Prince of Wales or is really an actress or something awful, she’s so mysterious. She sometime faints for us as Tessa in the “Constant Nymph’ and dies, she does it beautifully!

Miss John is going to do my nails for me tonight, Mrs. P. got a shock when she saw them & Johnny is going to perform regularly on them! I had my hair washed yesterday and Johnny waved it for me only she was in a hurry and it is’nt as nice as it was before. It stayed in right up to yesterday and it was ripping.

I’m busy reading the “Carillon of Scarpa” and it’s awfully nice.

This is a really lengthy letter isn’t it, my darlings? I hope you wo’nt be shocked with our naughtiness but when you’re at school it is awfully difficult to be perfect but I always read my Bible and try to be nice.

Heaps and heaps of love and kisses from 

your own little Cynthia

P.S. I’m going to play ping-pong at May’s.

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