June 5 1929

This rather giddy letter shows that Cynthia has adjusted to her new school and is feeling happy!  I think some of the things mentioned in the letter- the ring, the Exhibition her parents have gone to in Newcastle, and the suggestion that relatives will be visiting from overseas- are the factual events she based her story ‘Jack’s Visit’ on.  (See earlier post.) 

Just a note on the envelopes (which I include for the sake of veracity and postmarks): this letter and the previous one didn’t have envelopes, and the envelope June 12th has no letter, so I’ve combined them here.

June 5th 1929

Dearest of Mummies and Daddies,

The time has flown has’nt it? It seems just a little while since I came here yet a long while, I don’t know how. I got a letter from Marjorie on Monday and she told me about the book.

Oh mommy, I’d love a ring! Secially a blue butterfly wing one, it is a lovely of you and I would love one. Thank you so much. I would much rather have a ring then anything else. Isn’t Edgar sweet? I wonder if Dr. Ewing sat on the top of the funnel? Daddy, you are a naughty boy, fancy running away from Louie and Kate!

When you speak of salmon mayonnaise you make my mouth water. Mrs. P has just thought of a new idea for making us less hungrey when we went to bed (as we had told her we were hungrey) and now for tea we just get two half slices of bread and a cup of tea, and at supper we get something meaty and bread and jam. We are just trying it for a week to see how we like it, I don’t know if we do!

What did you get Daddy, when you shot? Was it a present or what? Oh, that’s a rhyme! I did’nt mean it to be. What was in the African village? You are going to the Ex heaps! I think your tickets will have a hole in & when I come home mine will be brand new! Have the L.N.E.R run a railway to the Ex?

Next time you go to Uncle Mac’s will you please give him and auntie my love & ask how Kathleen is getting on for me & if she will send me Kath’s address I’ll write to her. Please give everyone who askes about me my love and tell them I’m getting on ‘tophole’! The garden looks lovely Dadski, & my tulips are still going strong, some of the columbine have come out. The painting was lovely, too, darling.

I ‘spect Mrs. P will pay entrance to the Gala and I will draw 5/- out of the bank when the time comes. We’re going to a concert at school given by some of our girls in aid of the Poor Children. There’s to be a silver collection.

Mumsie, what do you think? I really forgot to wish for hares and rabbits! But I’ve wished now, such a nice wish! I haven’t got my ‘Hurricane’ essay back, but I’ve had an excellent for Geometry, and I’m so pleased! If you get 2 ex: running you go to Miss E. and sign the Honours Book. I’m going to try hard!

We went to swimming again on Tues: & it was raining & made the water gloriously warm. I enjoyed myself greatly. She said I was doing better. Jessie is bigger than me, a bit, I’m the smallest girl in B.G. & 3rd youngest. I call Jessie, Jenny, & Miss John, Johnny, she told us that when she was at school she was called Jucy Lohn instead of Lucy John! Mrs. P say’s that she and Johnny will run them up on the machine.

I’m so glad Granny is getting better Mum, & will Auntie Mill & Jack being staying at N/C when I am there, I do hope so for I’m longing to see them both. I’m longing for the parcel to-morrow!

Oh Mum I went to May’s on Sun: and she gave me strawberries Yum-yum & I’m to go there for half term. On Mon. Sir Alan Cobham came to York in his aeroplane & gave a display I saw him lots o times and waved & I’m sure he waved back!

We had a glorious gym lesson to-day all nice things & Miss Brooke said I did them well. We had a drawing exam to-day for the London Society you know, a pair of steps covered partly with a cloth (awful) our own selection (I did a buttercup) & snapshot. Some envelopes with a card of wool on top. I think I passed.

I think I’m getting on quite well here my darlings and I’m awfully happy, nearly everyone likes me I think & the mistresses are all jolly decent to me. Mrs. P and Miss J. are both golapious & I feel so happy, oh parents mine! 

Heaps and heaps of love from 

Cynthia your own girlie

P.S. I have to get some more envelopes and pad soon.

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