May 11-15 1929

York College for Girls

This letter shows the connection between Cynthia’s schooling and that of her mother.  Carol Hazell had been sent from the West Indies to school in England, to the Streatham College for Girls in London, in 1909.  Her Headmistress had been Miss Amy Lefroy, who had become a friend over the three years Carol boarded there.  When Carol and a four-year-old Cynthia arrived in England from St Vincent after World War I to join Gordon Ewing, they stayed with her in London before travelling north, and obviously the visiting continued.

The York College for Girls was founded in 1908 by the Church Schools Company, the same company involved in the Streatham College for Girls, and Miss Ellett was the first headmistress.  Clearly, she still was 20 years later when Cynthia arrived!  Miss Lefroy and her colleague Miss Ellett obviously knew each other and so I assume Cynthia had been sent to that school on Miss Lefroy’s  recommendation.  Since the school was in the middle of the city, the boarders live in another house, Burton Grange, and walk to school, the Baths, St. Olives, or the Minster for their various activities.

Transcript below: written in pencil after lights out!
York College for Girls

May 11th 1929

My darlingest of Daddies and Mummies,

I hope you will excuse me writing in pencil but I’m writing this in bed after lights out as it’s still quite light, and I have no ink up here.

I got your letter all right this morning, Mumsie, and I’ll answer all your questions. The laundry here is awfully good and they do our jolly decently. Our vests don’t shrink in the least and we can send one cotton frock a week to it. I use my little red book as a laundry book, also I keep my accounts in it! We do darn our own things but I’ve only had one hole in my old stockings and that’s all, we do it after sewing on Sat: By the way I only have one more end to do of my embroidery but my silks are running short, also my dress is getting on nicely and please I only have three stamps left, one for this, one for Marjorie’s letter and one over, would you send me some more please? 

The minister at Olives is quite decent, he’s middle-aged but doesn’t preach interesting sermons but we’ve just got a new curate he’s awfully nice, quite young and awfully tall with a bald head but he preached last Sun: and it was an awfully nice sermon.

Wed: morning.

Please ask Denis not to practice at tennis too much, for if there is a public exhibition it’ll be too bad if I’m squashed won’t it?

Oh Daddy and Mummy I am longing to see you again, it won’t interfere in the least with the Gala and I can miss swimming for that afternoon can’t I? Also I don’t think I’ll write on Sun: for then I’ll have more to talk to you about!

I am so sorry Miss Lefroy is going back to the College on Mon: evening, Miss Ellett saw me about it & I told her when she asked, that I did’nt think you could come on Mon. but she said she’d write & ask you. She has asked me to go to supper with her and Miss Lefroy on Thursday. Johnny is awfully strict and serious in lesson time but she’s awfully decent outside. She just water waves my hair with her fingers and a comb.

I went to the baths yesterday and what do you think I was trying to do? Swim on my back! It was awfully funny and I swallowed half the Baths but I got on quite well.

We had gym this afternoon and it was lovely, we did ‘Skin-a-cat’ and ‘Jack-in-the-Box’ and queer things. We had tea at school and stayed to a concert afterwards. Sylvia & Mary were playing & it was very nice, it was all on the piano and I got rather bored!

Darlings, I think I’ll have to stop now as I have some prep to do and I must hurry. 

Heaps of love and kisses 

Your own girlie 


P.S. I’ve got a returned lesson for French.

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