May 11 1929

Yesterday was St Valentine’s Day, and this morning I heard a woman on the radio explaining that she sent Valentines to her friends’ children because they loved getting something in the mail with Their Own Names on, even in these days of social media. Some things don’t seem to have changed, as Cynthia is delighted to receive an answer to her letter sent to her former headmistress at the high school she had left. I didn’t provide a transcript of this letter since the typewriting was quite clear- even if the date was wrong!

I remember from her stories about boarding school that a friend or relative took her out on weekends, but I don’t know who May (or Jimmy or wee Margaret) were. It was kind of them, though, and much appreciated.

May 11th 1929

My dearest Daddy and Mummy,

You see even going to May’s on Sunday does not stop me from writing to my wee Dad and Mum! I hope you wo’nt mind me writing to you both at once but I think I will always as it is nicest to write all I have to say and make it nice and fat and interesting for you!

I got your little parcel this morning Daddy, and thank you ever so much, I love getting parcels and seeing what is inside, I’ve eaten the six chocolates, I shared them with Jessie, I like her best, I think, she and Sylvia, the girl from Benwell. I got your letter too Mumsie, and it was awfully nice, the girls always envy me because I get something in the post nearly every morning. It’s lovely, I love getting letters! I am longing to see my room and the bathroom, I think you must have made it lovely Daddy darling, and I am full of curiosity as to my room, Mother mine.

I had a glorious time on Thursday. The ones that were confirmed went to early service but Phyllis and Marsha and I had a nice long stay in bed then we got up and after breakfast went to town, and I got 1/- out of bank and got a pretty green hankie for Nancy and a pink one for Mashy, for their birthdays you know and Mumsie have you got Mashy’s yet? I put on my white frock with red on it was nice and not very long. We drew for partners and I got a rotten player really, we were second bottom, wasn’t that awful?

Do you know Daddy, Miss Hiley has answered my letter! A typewritten note. I shall enclose it and the receipt that I got a school. It was nice of Miss H. to answer wasn’t it?

It will be lovely now that the N.E.E. is going to be opened on 14th. You will go to the opening wo’nt you? And write and tell me all about it.

May telephoned to Mrs. P on Thur: and said that Jimmy would come for me on Sun: before on after lunch, she was’nt sure. Wo’nt that be lovely? I’ll wear my tussore and belt and blue bow. Posh! I’ll be sure and kiss wee Margaret & give your love to M & J Mums. Was’nt it kind of her to send the hankies, there is a blue & green one. Will you ask Patty to ask her when her birthday is? And will you send her a hankie or something for me.

It must have been lovely at the pics. We all wanted to go and see Revenge this week with Dolores Del Rio in but we didn’t.

Jessie & I went to town this morning & I got a 2/- book of stamps & a pkt of postcards we then went to a café and she got coffee & I chocolate and choc: biscuits. Lovely! Somebody said we were to have our hair washed to-night but Miss John has’nt said anything so I do’nt know. I’d love to have a tussore belt mumsie, so will you and get some, you are a dear!

Mummy I think it’s you that are misunderstood me for I do’nt go to school in my best shoes. I meant that they were too good to have at a boarding school. We have drill three mornings in a week so I do’nt get much chance to wear my school shoes but I wore them on Friday. The gym shoes are quite all right & I’m not turning into a little nigger around the feet yet! The bruises I got in drill are quite better now thank you they were’nt bad.

I know what you mean about my spelling Mum and when I was writing I knew that “their” was wrong only I was in a hurry and did’nt bother to change it!

I find the lessons quite easy Daddy and I am getting on well in French and Maths on Friday I was top of the class in English it was questions & I got one wrong out of ten.

OK my darling Daddy and Mummy I do so love you and I’m longing for the summer holidays to see you again, with heaps of love and kisses your own doggy Cynthia. 

P.S. Please give my love to Cilla and Dickie.

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