July 3 1929

July 3rd 1929

My dearest Daddy & Mummy,

Thanks awfully for the parcel, I was just longing for one! I am keeping the little pots of jam till Friday when Miss John is out and will have them for tea with our bread and butter. I gave all the peppermints away, cause I didn’t like them. I haven’t got the letter from Ernest yet, I’m looking forward to getting it awfully. What do you think Mum, I got a letter from my beloved Gwen Embleton this morning. I was most thrilled! So you come home at a reasonable time do you Daddy? Isn’t Mummy naughty staying out so late! Did you have a nice time with Ernest, Daddy? You must write and tell me all about what you did. Did you have a nice time with Mrs. B. Mum? Do ask Mr. Cooper if he was brave enough to go on the ‘Tickle-your-Rils’ or if he was afraid of being seasick! Give my love to Edgar too, won’t you? I wonder if he’ll remember me when I come back. My friend hasn’t come yet Mum. How is Colin getting on in the Choir, does he like it? Has he joined the O.T.C. at school yet? Is the Curate’s wife a Newcastle girl? I bet Peggy Coates etc. will be feeling pretty green but the mas will be glad! Do you look particularly bridal, these days or what? First you were taken for my sister (at Fowey, remember!) now as a bride Gosh!

I’ll tell you one thing the fortune-teller didn’t get right and I forgot to tell you. She said I was very good at music & when I told her that I didn’t take it she said I ought to learn both violin & piano & tapped my hand significantly saying “It’s there all right, it is!”

The Geography and French on Monday were quite nice on Monday, yesterday we had Scripture & Algebra, today History & Arithmetic, tomorrow English & Geometry, Friday Latin & Science. I think I’ve passed in all the ones I’ve done & I hope I’ve got Honours for Arithmetic and Algebra, and I’m going to try, try hard to get top for Geometry. The poor School Certif. people are really worked up. They got holiday today & as it happened it was Eleanor’s birthday and she was awfully pleased. She’s 16, I gave her an art silk orangie hankie.

Yesterday I went to the baths & tried to swim the length only I stuck about two strokes from the end, I nearly burst! I swum nine strokes on my back & I was awfully pleased with myself. Yesterday too, Dot Powell, a day girl & me played a tennis tournament against two other day girls. We won, two sets to one. Jolly good, little us! Today we had gym & I was tremendously pleased with myself, I did short arm balance. Turning upside down on the horse with your legs straight in the air hanging onto the horse handles with your hands. Also I got to the top of the ropes for the first time, and by the way Daddy all the girls who take extra subjects next term have to sign their names so I’ll sign mine won’t I, cause I’ll take gym & dancing. On Mon. evening I was standing on my hands on the lawn with Tishie holding me when along came Miss E. & laughed at me and said she thought I was one of the Kindergarten and asked me if I could revise better standing on my head! She was awfully jolly. Today she sent for me & asked me if I had a Bible reading book & I said yes that I read it every night & she was pleased, she asked me to take mine tomorrow & show it to her so as to see if mine was better than the ones the girls have.

On Sat. B.G. is playing the 2nd College 6 at tennis & I’m in the 3rd set. Clever me! I hope I win! Me & Gilbie are playing. In the evening we are going to a play at College by the old girls in aid of the Library fund. Daddy darling, give Ernest my love & hope he’ll soon be better also little Dorothy.

With tons & tons of love 

to you both from 



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