July 27 1961

2043 Montreal Rd.

27th July 1961

Dearest Mummy,
This is the Lemon Loaf recipe I told you about – I think it is very nice. I was served at sliced & buttered, but really it is quite cake-y I think, & I hope you find it a success at your tea parties.
We have been hit by our summer at last – it descended with a real old humid Ottawa heat wave & last week we suffered! The temp. was 90° & the humidity 90% & everything was so damp & horrid. This week has been quite a bit better, to our relief. Poor Cec has been asphalting the driveway in all this heat & last weekend he had hired a machine to spray on the tar, so had to continue despite the temp. However it is done now & looks very nice – we are still not allowed to walk on it!
One night it was so hot I made a bed for the children downstairs but they didn’t really care for it! They said it was spooky & Charlie rolled onto the floor!
Yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary – aren’t we getting on?! We had to celebrate on Tues. evening as Cec had a friend in Ottawa for 1 day & night on his way home to Saskatoon from Paris, & we put him up last night. His name is Gordon Shepherd & he is an Ass’t. Prof. at the U. of Saskatchewan & Cec had met him at the meeting in Amsterdam & told him to stay with us in Ottawa. He is a nice, a rather quiet shy fellow, looking forward to getting home to his wife & little boys after 3 mths. in France. He arrived at the Airport at about 7 last night & left again at 7 this evening, so Cec & the children enjoyed two jaunts to see the planes! He knew Boris at the U. of Toronto so we had Boris & Joan over last night for drinks & then coffee & fresh raspberry pie.
Cec & I went out to dinner on Tues. evening to a new French restaurant in Hull – Le Diplomat. It was very nice & we had a good dinner in romantic candlelight! This latter was very popular with me, but you know men!

I am enclosing some snaps so will close now & write more on our holiday! We go on Sat. & are all looking forward to it hugely – will tell you all about it soon.
Lots of love from us all –

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