July 17 1961

2043 Montreal Rd.
Ottawa 2 Ont.

17th July 1961

Dearest Mummy,
As you will see from the children’s letters your birthday parcel arrived in good time and of course caused huge excitement! I asked Lindy if I should put it away and she said “Well – it’s such a long time. How about opening it & if Granny has put in more than one thing, we could save one & open one!” so that is what we did! The children were delighted with their gifts – Charlie was a little dubious of the shirt at first – did boys wear such bright shirts! – but he tried it on & it looks so nice & fitted so well that he was reconciled!
Thank you so much for my gloves – they are so nice & I am delighted to have them as I have so few nice gloves.
I also got your letter with the cheque & will get the shoes & batteries & send them off this week. I was over at the Coin wash at McArthur Plaza last week, so went to Bata & asked about the shoes. They have the exact shoe but in a very ugly yellowy brown, but he has another pair which he says is made on exactly the same last & which looks very much the same to me. This is in the same beige-y colour as yours & he says they don’t come in white. I had no money at the time, so didn’t get them, but will do so this week.
Tomorrow we take Lindy to this Dr. Hargadon to see about her front teeth, & then I must begin getting ready for our holiday, as we leave a week on Sat. The weather is still very changeable & has been hot & humid with violent thunder showers, so I hope it gets it all over before we go.
Cec is asphalting the driveway – such a job, but it begins to look nice.

Lots of love


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