June 14 1957

Just a note about people in the letter who haven’t been mentioned lately. Cyn grew up in Newcastle-upon Tyne from the age of 4 in the 1920s, and the Allans were close neighbours. Mrs Allan was Carol’s friend and her daughter Nancy was Cynthia’s- they played together as children, grew up together, and remained friends for over 80 years. Cyn’s Recipe Book from her college days in the 1930s includes ‘Mrs. Allan’s Sandwich Cake’, ensuring that English teatime lived on in Canada. Here Carol has told Cyn of Mrs. Allan’s death.
On a happier note, Cyn refers to the wedding of her cousin Millie’s son, Hugh Pembleton, in New York, and the wedding present she hasn’t bought yet. She also needs to buy presents for all the babies that keep appearing in their friends and relations’ lives. There are no letters for July, so what she bought will remain a mystery, but I will post a photo page to cover July!

Wed. 12th June.

Dearest Mummy,
Was so sorry to hear about your tummy cyst & hope that by now it is feeling much better. I can imagine you would find it very tiring trailing to the hospital every day for so long and that it would all leave you feeling very pooped. Such a pity after all your vitamins, but I hope that when it is over you will begin to get full of energy again. You seem to have had a bad time lately what with one thing & another – I do hope that it is all over now.
I got your letter on Monday evening and was so very sorry to hear about Mrs. Allen. As you say she was a wonderful friend to us & quite one of the sweetest & best people I’ve ever known. Poor Nan must feel very sad even though she will be relieved that the suffering is over, but even after her mother being poorly for quite a long time it must have been a shock. I must write to her today.

I have just been writing our regrets for Hugh’s wedding – I must ask Monie [Hugh’s aunt] to put a carbon paper under her description of the Day to you & A. Moo & send it to me! I haven’t got the W. P. yet but will go shopping on Sat. Poor Cec has both his birthday and Father’s Day on Sunday so he should have a double good day!

I also seem to have 1/2 a hundred other presents to get – I haven’t got a present for Dottie’s babe yet & have the MacNamara’s baby & Paul & Angie Routly’s baby. Also Richard Haynes – I never can remember if his little brother is Michael? Anyway I have some yellow overalls for him & a pair of “baby doll” pyjamas for Barbara Heslop. It was Patty Lu’s birthday on Sunday (1 year old) & Lea invited us out to Carp for 1 o’clock dinner. We got her pink overalls & a little pail & shovel & dashed off straight after S. School, arriving at about 12:45 to find no Lea visible, no table set or anything! Wendell talked to us for about 1/2 hour then Lea & the baby appeared & finally about 2:15, dinner! It turned out there’d been a big wedding on the Sat. & they had all been to it, & so Lea had nothing ready – the cake made but not iced, & then she had invited more people from Ottawa in the afternoon & a few of Darryl’s pals for a Wiener Roast in the evening! You can imagine the chaos! Lea had gone to all sorts of trouble – paper hats, balloons etc., but nothing ready or organized. We finally left about 4:30 to miss the evening traffic as we had originally planned, not having had any B. cake – wonder how the rest of the celebrations came out! Called at Pete & Lu’s & had a nice cup of tea! Lu’s Mother is with her (leg amputated remember?) & is so nice & full of fun – you would like her.
Was so sorry to hear that you have been having more trouble for the burglar – what an upset for you all. What a pity you can’t get the roof of the porch wired & give him a great electric shock! Must stop – love to A. Moo – hugs from the children – Lots of love – Cyn.

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