June 3 1957

3rd June. 1957.

Dearest Mummy,
I was so sorry to hear in your last letter about the fall and bumping your poor nose. I hope it is quite better now & no damage done – we always thought your nose was such an elegant feature didn’t we? Thank you so much for both that letter & a long one previously – I’m glad my long one to you arrived safely but I am disgusted that your birthday parcel has never arrived. I also hope that it does eventually appear – I have practically forgotten all the odds & bobs I put in it. What annoys me is that I sent it via New York which costs much more & is supposed to be quicker! I included a small bon voyage present for Peggy, so if it ever arrives you’ll have to keep it for Christmas!
Since I last wrote we haven’t done much, but I had a little Janek Blachut staying here from the Wed. to the Sun. of the week before last. Teddy was going to Quebec for a conference & Fanni wanted to go too so I offered to take Janek & her Polish neighbour took the 2 little ones. Janek was v. good & Linda was thrilled to have him & they trotted off to school together, but by the Sun. the novelty had worn off & he was glad to go home & they (L. & C.) were glad to be alone!! Since he left, poor little fellow, he has been in bed with a throat infection, so I was glad he waited till his Mummy came home! I too, have a cold & I am so fed up with it as it is one of those tickly throat type that drags on & on.

Linda’s Report Card from June promotes her to Grade 1! (Her classmate Janek was top of the class from Grade 1 to 13 so I expect he did well in Kindergarten too!)

Our weather is still cool but has been quite nice & sunny the last few days so over the weekend Cec & I gardened hard. You will be sorry to hear of the tragedy of our seeds though – Nicki LAY on them! What with that & a spell of v. cold freezing weather just as they appeared so that we couldn’t get them outside they didn’t do very well. Alas!
Will write more later this week – just thought I’d let you know we are all flourishing. XXXX from Lindy & Charlie & much love from us all – Cyn.

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