April 10 1956

Cyn’s birthday was at the beginning of April, but she doesn’t mention any family celebrations to her mother until May when her birthday parcel from the West Indies turns up! Carol’s birthday card may have arrived earlier- it is in the scrapbook and it appears that Carol is hinting- the sweet peas on the front are labelled L. and C., then inside there is a question mark for the third flower…
The newspaper clipping also from the scrapbook may have been included- Linda’s friend Joanne and her sister, unfortunately subjected to Linda’s colouring prowess!
The letters seem infrequent, but I don’t know if some are missing or Cyn is just writing fewer AirMail forms as her life gets busier.

10th April 1956

Dearest Mummy,
I am enclosing more odds-and-bobs! One bundle you will recognize your property – I found them behind the bookcase in “your” room – No! this is not the first time I dusted the bookcase since you left! I found them ages ago & thought I’d send them sometime and then forgot about them. I am also sending Anne’s last 2 letters so that you can catch up on all the news about the ex-Coleridge staff. They still sound a queer lot, don’t they?!! I was even dreaming of Jessie Fisher last night – I can’t think why! Some man had deserted her again & I was very indignant!!
I got an extra S-Sears Summer Catalogue so I am re-directing it to you. I am thinking of getting a bathing suit & saving it for your Christmas present! So if you yearn for any particular one you can tell me!
Am writing a proper letter so will stop this – must tell you of Charlie’s flights of fancy – he was telling Lindy & me at lunch today that Bani’s Mummy goes outside and brings some clouds from the sky to put in her milk!!
Hugs from the inf-inks & lots of love from us all

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