March 20 1956

20th March 1956

Dearest Mummy,
I seem always to be behind with myself these days, but for once I have an excuse as we have been leading – for us! – a hectic social life! However, don’t think we have been whooping it up – I am including 3 visits to the dentist in the agenda, because that means 3 trips to town & for us, that’s exciting!
Thank you so much for your last letter telling about what you all did at the end of Mill & Ford’s visit – no wonder you were missing them & feeling very flat after they had left. Not only the end of all the fun & games, but also that they are such darlings & so interesting to be with that they are like a party in themselves. We had a St.V. card from them saying we must come & visit, but I’m afraid it won’t be this year as we plan to spend about 3 weeks or so on our trip to Ohio & Michigan, so that will be our holiday for the year, but we think next year maybe.
Your next excitement will be Bill & Jane & A. Trix arriving I suppose – although I’ve forgotten exactly when they’re coming. And then A. Moo will be getting all set for her trip! My, what a busy little people! You’ve never said what you’re going to do when A. Moo is away – I mean will you stay by yourself, or will you have somebody really riotous to stay with you? Miss Mann for instance! I was most interested to hear about Bill & Jane’s plans for going to New Zealand. Cec thinks they may find wages out there a nasty shock – we get quite a few N.Z. Fellows you know & Canadian salaries seem millions to them after what they get at home, but I said to Cec that perhaps after W.I. salaries perhaps the N.Z. ones may seem all right. I think apart from the money it is really a very good idea and that they are very courageous to take the leap. It will obviously be much better for the boys & I am sure it will be good for both Bill & Jane to get away from – well, shall we say Trinidad?
I am at long last sending you the pictures of your departure & one of Christmas. Cec’s as camera is still sticking & not working properly, so quite a few were spoiled of the Christmas ones, but we got one nice one & I think the ones at the airport are fun, don’t you?

Now to tell you of our hectic life! You’ll laugh! I wrote to you last when Charlie had a bit of a cold & I know I didn’t get out to mail your letter for quite a few days. The weather was bad & we stayed in – in fact on the Thurs. we had our worst snow storm of the winter – Cec took the day off to shovel the driveway! He had lots of leave due & even shovelling his hardest he couldn’t get out till noon, so he took it easily instead! On the Fri. evening we went to Gudron & Benke Kleman’s – Phyl & Alex were there & Dr Herzberg (Mrs. H had a cold) & Santiago. We just chatted & Gundron had nice “snakes” & coffee. The Sat. was a lovely bright day so in the afternoon we all went to Rockcliffe Park & watched the skiers & now Lindy is determined that Santa Claus will bring her skis next Christmas! On the Monday we (me) took Linda to the doctor for her check up. I had given Charlie a comic book as a reward after his turn & Lindy was crazy to get one too! With this bribe she was quite excited about going & although not perfect she was so much better than previous years that I was greatly relieved. She did what she was told without fuss & although she cried a bit, she didn’t scream & yell & kick! The whole trouble is this dislike of anyone touching her & when the nurse & doctor did that upset her, but oh! what an improvement! She got her comic! She is now 41 1/2” tall (tall for her age) & weighs 37 lbs.- grown 2 1/4” & gained 5 lbs. in a year. Charlie is 37” tall & weighs 29 lbs. 10 oz. – grown 2 3/4” & gained nearly 4 pounds & Dr. W. thought they were both doing fine. I weigh 119 pounds now & still trying!!
On the Wed. evening we picked up Cy & Margie & drove over to Pete & Lu’s & Stewart & Willa Woods were there too. Lu wanted to have us all before Margie’s baby & Pete has been away a lot, so this was the first chance – but a Mon. evening outing was most unusual for me. Lu was showing us all the things she made – they are lovely – I hope practice makes me perfect too! On the Tues. I had the appointment with the dentist at 10:30. The children sat in the waiting room & were very good & I liked the dentist very much – more than old Dr. Flora. He just did a scale & cleaning the first time & found five or six holes – but small. Afterwards the children & I shopped a bit & had lunch at Freiman’s Cafeteria which they loved! On Wed. evening I went to a Sunday School Meeting! Aren’t I the one!! On Thurs. evening at dinner time Mrs. Martin phoned to say she had a free evening if we wanted her to see it – we’d asked earlier everything & she wasn’t sure – so off we went to a movie at 8 p.m. and didn’t get home till 1:20 a.m.! We saw “Mr. Roberts” & “The Country Girl” with Grace Kelly & Bing Crosby – such a good show. I was particularly pleased to see “A Country Girl” as the acting was really excellent, I don’t know when we were last at a film so it was extra nice to see good ones.

On a Fri. morning I was at the dentist again at 10:30, & although we didn’t stay for lunch we had coffee & then went to the Library & got groceries, so on Fri. evening I’d meant to go round & see Fanni, but I was so sleepy, I called it off! We didn’t do anything at the weekend except Sunday School of course, & then today we were in at the dentist again & had lunch again! Shopped for your birthday present too!
It was now 11:30 (Cec is at the Lab.) so I will stop & go to sleep. I really will go through & answer your letters next time – I have quite a pile here. Oh – I meant to tell you – every night now when Lindy & Charlie go to bed Charlie can hardly wait till I go because then Linda tells him a story! He loves them although what they are like I don’t know- I asked Linda what they were about & she said “Oh – mostly about babies in hostipals!” She can now say the Lord’s Prayer by herself by the way & quite a few others – Charlie always says the same one & this is how it sounds: Nangyou for the world so sweet
Nangyou for the food we eat
Nangyou for the birds that sing
He is also very fond of “Amen” & sometimes says it after I’ve read a story!
Hugs & kisses from the dear little children & lots of love from us all – Cyn

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