March 18 1954

Thurs.18th March.

Dearest Mummy,

Your two birthday parcels came yesterday and caused a much excitement amongst the family! Thank you so much for them – of course Lindy was demanding that they be opened & I was longing to peek too, so I compromised & opened the little one & had such fun! Lindy’s little hat is so cute! That’s exactly what she says “Isn’t it cute!”!! She has been wearing it & putting it on & off practically continually since she got it & fancies herself immensely! Cec thinks she looks rather like a “bun on an elephant” because even on her head it is tiny & just sits on the back, but Lindy thinks it is a model straight from Paris! She loves her little Bambi but the hat is the great thrill- each thing (hat, Bambi etc.) she asks “Did Grannie’s little pussy play with this?” You will probably miss your wicked little Spiv badly when you swop with Jean, but life will be much more peaceful for you & you will probably soon get used to Spiv’s Mama. Charlie watched all the unpacking with interest but poor little fellow only got the vests to himself as Linda appropriated the socks! Not that he worries & he says thank you very much Grannie, anyway! We took him to the Dr. on Monday because at his eczema is so bad & spreading & Dr. W. thinks it is aggravated by rubber pants & wet diapers etc. as it is on his tummy & his knees & just above, so he is now widdling around the house with no rubbers on! He hates it when his diaper is wet & will pull it off when he can, but won’t perform on the pot at all – just acts coy & shakes his head! He has never had his hair cut since that first effort & now he has a real mop of golden curls- growing into a bob soon! I keep telling Cec to take him to the barber, but we are both trying to get out of the job!! Linda lets me cut hers but I can’t cope with Charlie’s.
My panties are so pretty & useful Mummy & the facecloths too- & of course I am longing to open my dress! Don’t know how long I’ll resist the temptation!! Thank you heaps & heaps for them all – we loved getting them.
I have an A.M. to thank you for too- I am so sorry that I haven’t got your birthday present yet. I went downtown with Margie on Sat. afternoon but couldn’t see a thing. It was wet & snowy & slushy, so not much of a day for trotting around & I found I got tired soon, so I abandoned the search & knew you’d forgive me if it’s late. Cec & I were out for the first time last Fri. evening to the Calaman’s & had a nice time, so it was really a busy weekend for me! Dear Dan’s wedding is on Sat. so I got them a set of 4 little cut glass salt shakers to be presented when she arrives – I was determined not to spend more than $5.00!!
The babes are sleeping & Claire is here, so think I will snatch a rest! Thank you again for our lovely parcels – Cec sends love & thanks for the cigs. xxx from us all.

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