March 10 1954

31 Acacia Avenue


Wed. 10th March

Dearest Mummy,

I have just realized that I completely & absolutely forgot Ruth’s birthday! Amy will be in a huff about it but anyway I have a good excuse this time!
I am enclosing the negatives I promised – actually, I think more than you asked for, but I couldn’t remember the exact ones but know that you will find the ones you want amongst this lot. If P.W.V. is as generous with copies as he was last time, you can send me one of Charlie alone & Linda alone as I sent them to Mom Costain at Christmas & have none myself!! I am sending the earphone cord by sea as you say there is no hurry & with it what stamps I could find from your old letters – a pity I answered & threw away a bunch in hospital before I got your letter but I’ll try & remember in future.

Thank you so much for your last two letters- one a nice long one answering mine & the other an air letter about the carnival, which we enjoyed as usual! I really haven’t much news as we are leading a quiet and orderly existence but since I wrote last week colds have descended upon us. Poor Cec had a horrible one last week then on Sat. & Sun. Charlie had it & today I have it – so disgusting as the children have been so well & I have been feeling fine. Linda made us laugh – she was asking me if Charlie had got his cold from Daddy & when I said “yes” she ran to Cec saying “Take it back Daddy!” She is so funny lately – I told you what a little mimic she is- well, where she has heard the expression I don’t know, but she is very fond of saying she is “so tired” or if I go & leave her in another room she is “so lonely”. One evening I was sitting reading the paper & she was fussing around & I tried to persuade her to sit down & keep still & she said in such a bored, blasé voice “I am so, so tired of just sitting around doing nothing!” & last night she suddenly said to me with a little grin “Mummy, I am so cross with you for sitting there reading that paper”!!
Cec had two funny stories about her when I was in the hospital. One evening he was bathing them & Linda & Charlie began to squeal & fight over the bathmat as he was getting them undressed. He told them to stop & called Linda to get her vest off & she said “No, no, Charlie wants to throw the mat in the bath” but Cec said “No he doesn’t- come here Linda” & the next thing was Splash! & the mat in the bath! So Cec said “Well – you were right & I was wrong Linda. Has he ever done it before? “& Linda replied virtuously “No, because I wouldn’t let him!”
Another day he was reading & Linda was playing with an old toy telephone which used to be Darryl’s & got left here. She was calling up people & talking to them – “Hello Jim – how is Lee today? I’m very well thank you. How is Barry? Was he a good boy and made his dinner all gone?”
“Hello Margie – how are you? And how is Cy? How is little Baby Peter?”
“Hello Lu? How is Leslie and teeny little Peter? I hope he is a good baby.”
“Hello Joseph – how is Mary today? And how is Little Lord Jesus?”
Etc. etc.!!
He says when he heard Joseph he wondered who this was, but it wasn’t till he heard Little Lord Jesus that he realized Linda had a “direct line”!!
Last week I was making a chicken pie for dinner one evening & instead of ordinary pastry I made what is called here “biscuit dough” (or scones to us!) as it was less fat for me. Lindy was very interested & when Cec came in ran to him & said “Daddy – Mummy’s making pastry for you – it’s got pong in it”. Both Cec & I said “Pong? What do you mean, honey?” But she couldn’t explain & then later she came out to me in the kitchen & suddenly said “Is it scone?” So I of course said yes & that she was a clever girl to remember, whereat she grinned at me & said “My mistake!”!!! She heard Boris saying “Pardon me” when he was coughing one evening & always says it now – also “excuse me” & “thank you” very nicely, so she is quite elegant! She is trying to teach Charlie & when she gives him anything says “Say ‘thank you Lindy’!” Charlie still just says odd words & occasionally a whole lot of gobble-de-gook! He says “There!”, & “More!” & “No” quite plainly now but is awfully cute. His hair is getting so long, but just curls all over his head & it’s really lovely, but I keep telling Cec he must take him to the barber! He is standing alone a lot now & will take the odd step without holding on, but hasn’t really launched out. At last I am glad to say he will hold his bottle alone & is very interested in feeding himself & grabs his spoon whenever he can, but he is awful at drinking out of a glass or cup! Always chokes & sputters or turns the whole thing upside down! What a boy! His eczema has been very bad since I was in hospital- all broken out behind his knees & big dry patches on his legs & tummy & neck & even rough on his face at times. Dr. W. has sent us some ointment, but it seems to get very itchy as soon as it begins to heal & then he scratches & makes it all sore again poor little fellow. But he is really so good natured & contented even with that bothering him- he will play for hours with pans out of the cupboard or toys & is really far easier to amuse than Linda. He doesn’t sleep in the morning now, but both sleep nicely in the afternoon- and believe me, now that I rest when they’re asleep, I get absolutely nothing done! Particularly if I take them out in the morning – we are still having more snow by the way, but it is wetter now & doesn’t last so long, so spring may be on the way!
Did I tell you Dan had left us? At the beginning of this month he moved into his new apt.-“love nest”!! It is heavenly to be on our own again! The wedding is on the 20th & I have just been answering the invitation & sending our regrets! Have to buy a present though, darn it!

I am looking forward so much to my birthday parcels – I am longing to see the dress & try it on & I am sure if it is as pretty & fits as nicely as my housecoat it will be lovely. I think it was sensible to try just one to begin with, but I won’t say no to another later on if you have the strength & energy! Lindy’s little hat sounds a pet and will be such fun I am sure. About the £10 pounds, Mummy – I think I really would like it in my English a/c if that is all right with you- linen sheets aren’t really worth the money over here I don’t think & would be heavy for me to cope with washing etc. also I still have quite a few pairs of wedding present pillowcases never used yet, whereas I would love a skirt! I have found the Gorray address in an Eng. mag. so will write to them I think. Talking of Income Tax money, we hope to get a refund this year – we are allowed to claim on Dr, Dentist, hospital bills etc. even if you have insurance & in a year (from Nov. to Nov.) our bills came to over $800.00!! So we should get some back!
If my cold is better we hope to venture out into society this weekend! So exciting for me! The Calamans have asked us for coffee on Friday evening to see some colour slides of Switzerland & England. She (Esther Calaman) is expecting a baby at the beginning of April- 9 months married, poor girl! I am lending her the baby scales & eventually the playpen. On Sat. we are to go to Pete & Lu’s (Lu = Lucille!) for a little visit – they have just bought a new house out the west side of the city & move at the end of this month, so we are looking forward to hearing all about it. Lindy & Charlie send big big hugs & kisses & lots and lots of love from us all –
P.S. Dottie says Nan is as big as a house!! I now weigh about 115 pounds & hope to keep there.
Got new shoes & slippers for both children last week – $17.35!! Isn’t that awful? But Charlie is catching Linda up & won’t wear hand-me-downs much longer! His slippers are red & Linda’s blue!

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