December 3 1953, Part 2

3rd Dec. 1953.

Dearest Mummy,

This is the 2nd A.M, so if you haven’t read the first one you should have!

When I last wrote last, did I tell you that Dan’s famous girlfriend, Lyn was due to come up on a visit? Well, she arrived 2 weeks ago & stayed till last Mon. – not with us! We were very uninterested in the whole thing, but finally our good nature got the better of us & we told Dan we’d give a “Tea” for them on the 1st Sunday & he could invite some of the Lab. to meet her. I told him 6 (with us 4 making 10 + the children) and he invited 7 but otherwise it was arranged smoothly! 

On the Sat. Lindy & I went down town in the morning – “we girls again”! Did I tell you that she keeps saying “We girls went to a Bazaar & the boys stayed at home”?! We went in the streetcar & had “juice” at the Honeydew & did a little shopping in Woolworth’s & had a fine time. We got Lindy a little book (The Three Pigs) & a little Santa Claus candle & a little squeaking duck for Charlie & she insisted on carrying them all herself & was very important!

Anyway after we got home & fed the children & had lunch & had a little rest it was about 3 & I thought I would begin my baking for the tea next day, when who should walk in but dear Dan & the girl! They sat & sat until I had to give them tea & then stayed until after 6- I had to go & feed the children & even then they hung around. Consequently our dinner was late & then I had to begin the baking & I was clearing away at 11 p.m. I was mad! And the girl! She is tall & skinny & bends in the middle; has blonde hair & very thick lensed glasses; a big nose & no chin or forehead – & Dan talks of her as a gorgeous blonde! Ugh! Also she is completely dumb! Cec & I broke our necks to make conversation & they sat on the sofa & muttered at each other – such remarks as “This is married life – think you can stand it?” – from Dan – so rude – but we think they are a pair. Most American girls, with or without looks, have personality, but she is just a nonentity. The tea on Sunday was fun – Phyl & Alex were there, Boris, Chris & Rudolph & a new English fellow, Dr. Calaman & his wife (Swiss). I had hot cheese scones, sandwiches, shortbread & Pecan Kisses & they all ate lots & enjoyed it. Lindy & Charlie were sweet – Lindy in the pretty white dress Irene sent (just fits now) & Charlie in blue cord. overalls (Margie gave him) & a white shirt- Linda very shy, but Charlie beaming at everyone. Dan began by trying to act the Big Host to everyone, but Cec & I quelled him!

The same evening as our Tea, poor Cy & Margie had such a time. Cy has been doing quite a lot of woodworking lately & got a power saw. He is making beds for the boys amongst other things & on the Sunday evening just went down to make a little bar to keep Peter off the stairs & had such a bad accident. Cut off part of his ring finger on his left hand, part of his little finger & cut the other fingers. They had to rush him to the hospital with a tourniquet on & have an immediate operation. He was in hospital 4 days & is at home now with his hand in a cast. They have had such a bad time lately, we felt so sorry for them – a little while ago they had a polio scare with Tommy but fortunately it was O.K.

Last Fri. we had Pete & Lu for dinner (8 o’clock) I had an Italian meal (+ your red- checked tablecloth & candles) with Mazotti (noodles, pork, mushrooms etc.), salad, cheese rolls, then Zabaglione – (beaten eggs with wine & sugar!) and Marsala wine to drink- yummy! It was a big success! Tomorrow Boris & Chris are coming to dinner – roast pork! Last Sat. we went to Alex & Phyl’s to play bridge & this Sat. to Jim & Lee’s- Claire sits for us.

Must stop & take my cakes out of the oven – they look gorgeous!

xxxs & hugs from your babies- as Lindy would say “I want a big kiss”! With lots of love from us all – Cyn.

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