December 3 1953

3rd Dec. 1953.

Dearest Mummy,

I didn’t write last week because I seem to spend so many evenings packing up & sending off parcels & as a matter of fact I just sent the last 2 today! Last Thurs. was supposed to be the last day & I got all of them away by then except Anne’s & my Father’s. The latter has always was difficult & I ended in sending small tins of chicken, salmon & sausage; cheese; grey woollen gloves; 2 packs patience cards & a crossword puzzle book. I have some mints etc. still & thought in a week or so I might send them with a tiny Christmas cake, as he doesn’t like to get too much at one time. My Christmas cakes, by the way are in the oven now! I have had the things for about 2 weeks, but to get such a major operation over with the 2 children around is something, but Claire was here today so I got everything prepared & mostly done this afternoon & then finished them & put them in the oven after dinner. I got 3 square cake tins (big, middle, little) & it filled them all. This year I am making what they call over here a “White Fruit Cake”. Lee made one last year & it was delicious, so I thought it would be a change- it has sultanas, almonds, red & green cherries & pineapple in (some recipes have peel) & Lee’s was so moist & yummy – hope mine are too! Would you like the recipe? Thank you so much for the Mincemeat recipe – I shall make that next week — will make the whole quantity & may give a few jars around.

Talking of Anne’s parcel – it was late because I was sending Janita a tiny “doll in pram” like I gave Lindy for her birthday & I made a mattress & pillow & coverlet for it. Anyway, I had a letter from her yesterday & they have a son – Christopher Jan – born on the 28th & weighing 9 lbs. 7 1/4 ozs.. She apparently had a very quick time as she went shopping in the afternoon- went home, had tea then went to the hospital & had the baby at 7:40 in time for supper! Was writing next day full of fun! She actually mentions Tadek in this letter, so I was pleased!

I have 2 nice letters to thank you for- written on 16th & 23rd Nov.- but I’m not going to answer them this time as I have quite a few bits of gossip to tell you & will have to spread onto a second A.M. as it is! Before I go onto those tho’ I want to tell you about your parcel – I do hope it won’t be late for Christmas, but the difference between sending direct or via N. Y. (quicker was nearly $1.00, so I sent in direct & hope! I sent 2 old shirts & 2 old dresses & don’t give them away without looking carefully in all the pockets as there are 3 presents for a good girl there! Amongst your presents are 2 “multiple” presents – you’ll know what I mean when you see them– & I thought you could keep what you wanted from both & then probably could use the rest as small gifts sometime. Very mysterious!! I sent A. Moo 2 packs of cards, but was very disappointed as I chose such pretty ones in the catalogue & then they sent such dull looking things & there was no time to return them – they are so annoying over their “substitutes”.

I had such a silly sort of cold over the weekend – all in my throat & voice. It has gone into my head a bit now but is much better, but unfortunately Lindy started it yesterday & was quite miserable & this evening Charlie sicked up a little & was quite a bit fretty, so it looks as if it will do the rounds- however it doesn’t seem to be bad. We had snow on Tues. & Lindy was thrilled but it all melted & is much milder now. 

Lots of love & onto 2nd installment- Cyn.

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