October 21 1953 by Air

Sent off the batteries early this week. Same as before but said $2.50!

21st Oct. 1953. 

Dearest Mummy,

I feel so full of virtue I could bust! I am sure that my halo is glowing so brightly in the sky that everyone is remarking on the beautiful Northern Lights tonight!! Reasons being 

1.) I have caught up with ALL my ironing- the first time for at least 6 months! All Cec’s old shirts, all Lindy’s outgrown clothes, any table linen I didn’t need – just got shoved into the basket during the summer. Since Carman left I have been ploughing away at it & finally today the beastly basket is empty. Even Cec’s old frayed shirts are hanging neatly in “your” cupboard – I shall send a few in a parcel of my old dresses for Doris sometime, so that you can have new dusters! 

2.) I finished Lindy’s dressing gown at last! You remember I made it when I hired the machine-oh, ages ago, but left the finishing off to do by hand. All summer it lay as I felt she really didn’t need it then, but now tonight I completely finished it & it looks cute! 

3.) I have taken off 5 pounds since I last wrote & feel fine! Am now 125 & want to lose another 10 gradually. Actually, although it does take a lot of will power, I don’t mind it much & I am feeling so well & energetic! I am not keeping to the very strict diet but keeping it mostly to meat eggs & raw veg. with no sugar & very few starches, so perhaps that may be giving me energy or it is perhaps the weather which is gorgeous. I pram push the children every afternoon & feel it can’t possibly last much longer- Lindy has decided it’s fun to ride behind Charlie so she begs a ride in the pram part of the way & so I am a bit more mobile than when she is walking. We have had no furnace on for weeks & don’t even need a fire in the sitting room most nights.

We are being quite gay these past weeks. Two Sats. ago Mrs. Burrough invited us over, as Betty & Al were home. Al was speaking at a meeting here, so they took their summer holiday & of course Mrs. B was in her element. (She and Mr. B went to Sask. to see them in the spring too!) They had quite a nice party & we enjoyed ourselves- Cec says Betty is getting more like her Mother & Al is going to be henpecked! Then last Sat. was Pete & Lu’s 9th wedding anniversary & they invited us to dinner to celebrate. We took some flowers & had a lovely time – just the 4 of us but nice drinks & lovely food (forgot the diet!) & it was fun. Tomorrow Margie &. Cy have asked us & Pete & Lu to dinner (these are late dinners- 8:30ish) as we had them all last fall & the Forsyths had us all over too. Then on Sat. we are going over to Jim & Lee’s for bridge! I feel so giddy I don’t know where I am! It is lovely though as we seem to have been nowhere for so long & I was beginning to feel all work & no play. Claire babysits for us now quite a bit (brings her little boy & he sleeps on the sofa) & I feel so glad to leave the children with her. She is very good- comes regularly now (was here today- goody! goody!) & works so hard. 

Margie & I went to the Movies last week – saw “The Moon is Blue” & laughed! Sent our husbands the next night as a reward! 

xxxs from the babies & lots & lots of love from Cec & me – Cyn.

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