October 21 by Sea

The coat! Taken 2 years later, so handing it down worked!

21st October 

Dearest Mummy,

Here is a collection of odds & bobs to amuse you! The christening negatives you wanted; a couple of old letters from Anne so that you can catch up on her news; pieces of your grandchildren’s hair (Charlie is the blonde of course!); and a picture of Linda’s new English outfit & a pattern! I think I told you that we had ordered her an outfit from Harrods- man tailored by Chilprufe, my dear! – & this is the little picture from the catalogue & a piece of the tweed (Harris) pattern they sent me.

It arrived last week with $8.00 duty to pay, but we are just delighted. It is big, which is a good thing, but I can shorten the coat & sleeves & the braces for the leggings & then it will be fine & Lindy, as well as Cec & I, is thrilled! The colour is just perfect for her & makes her eyes look so big & blue – the coat has a little pale blue velvet stitched collar & I asked for a beret too for when it’s handed down to Charlie & it is of pale blue velvet too & looks so sweet. The coat will button both boy & girl–wise, so will be fine for both. It is much nicer than anything we could possibly afford here – that type of thing are from $25.00-$40.00! – & it is such a fun to get Lindy a really snazz outfit!! She is by far the best dressed member of the family of course! Actually I dress her up very little, as she is just playing around outside most of the time & gets so dirty. I don’t even put her dresses on much just now because the trousers are warmer & also she skins her knees so easily if she has a skirt on.

We have been having the most beautiful Indian summer with temps. of 70 & more- very like that lovely spell just after we arrived here & we used to push baby Linda along by the river. Lindy & Richard play outside very nicely a lot of the time now, but still if there are any trucks or tractors or noise Lindy comes tearing in the house. The poor little things play at the back just on the dirt & gravel & it is such a shame when you think of how it used to be. The sandbox got to be mostly dirt & Mr. Labelle took it away, so they ride their tricycles & pull their waggons & Richard has a wheelbarrow & a little pram which Lindy loves! They have two little nail kegs from the builders & ride on them like horses! There is really no nice green place for them to play though & it is such a pity, but they don’t really seem to mind.

I meant to tell you that Lindy is still very fond of her books. She loves to be read to & in her favourites she can supply practically any word if you just stop & wait a minute. She also loves the A.A. Milne “When We Were Very Young” & her favourite poem in that is about the king who did like a little bit of butter on his bread! She is very funny about the nursery rhymes – she can add all the endings of the lines if she likes & really knows them all, but sometimes decides to be original! For example: –       (Lindy = _______ words)

Old Mother Hubbard 

Went to the cupboard 

To get her poor doggie a bone

When she got there 

The cupboard was – shut!                 Also:-

Jack & Jill 

Went up the hill 

To fetch a pail of water. 

Jack fell down 

And Nancy fell down too!

She also made up a poem! Like me & “wriggle my tail” but her’s made sense! She crawled under the dining room table one day & I told her she was in a little house. A few days later she went in & said: – 

I’m in a little house. 

I’m a little mouse.!!

         You asked me in one of your letters if I’d heard from my Father recently. I’ve only had one letter this year after Charlie was born. I haven’t written much, but I’ve sent snaps of both children & one or two small parcels- he said he didn’t want big ones. I sent off chocolate mints today & will send another in a week or two.

Jessie and Norman Aldridge

What do you think? I got a letter from Jesse Aldridge last week & she & Norman are having a baby in the New Year! She says Zinnia & Sandra are thrilled & so are she & Norman now they have got over the shock! Unfortunately Norman has been very ill- a breakdown from overwork after colds & bronchitis etc. He was in hospital & is now in a convalescent home in Kent & doing very well but won’t be home till after Christmas, so J. must have her hands full.

I must stop now as it is bedtime. Cec is at the Lab. & gave me strict instructions to go to bed early so I’d better not be caught! 

Love to A. Muriel & lots & lots for you from us all-


x  Linda x  Charlie

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