October 5 1953

Mon. 5th Oct.

Dearest Mummy,

I am so frustrated I could spit! I got all my diapers washed nice & early this morning & also the big spread from our bed & went to hang them out. I put the spread on first & got it all arranged & pegged & pulled out, when the whole line slumped & sagged down to the ground! So I took it off & looked & could see nothing wrong with either end & so with great trouble undid the rope from the wire & tightened it & it seemed fine, so this time I pegged out all the diapers & children’s clothes & pulled it along & the whole thing collapsed! The pulley right off the post at the other end- grrrr!

Now having got that off my chest I can regain my equanimity. It is a gorgeous sunny autumn day – the leaves on the tree at the back are just pure gold & look lovely against the sky. All the tree colours are wonderful & the leaves are just beginning to fall. It seems so odd to think that Lindy was still sitting out in her carriage this time last year & throwing out the leaves as they fell on her. Richard & she have been having a wonderful time this past week & playing together so nicely. All the apartment buildings are up now & so all the noisy machines etc. are gone & only hammering etc. so Linda plays outside most happily. They pull their little wagons around & play in the sand & even slide down the builders piles of sand and little stones on their bottoms! I took Lindy & Charlie to have their haircut last week- mine too! – just to the little barber along Beechwood. I thought I would get Charlie’s done just on top as it was getting so long & straggly, & that if Lindy saw him getting his done, she wouldn’t mind so much. However, he just howled– all the time, so after that she wouldn’t go near the man! However she says she will let me do it at home, as it is so long now & a bit straggly & she makes such a fuss over brushing. Goodness knows what kind of job Mama will make of it! Charlie looks cute- quite grown-up! He hasn’t been well all weekend- a little temp & fretty & sicked up a bit yesterday. He has just cut his 4th upper tooth, so it may be that or a little cold as he seems much better today.

Cec is working like a fiend- has been back just about every evening since Carman left & both this & last weekend back both Sat. & Sun. He is getting his big thing working which has taken him the 2 yrs. to build. I am in the middle of a long letter to you answering all the questions, but in the meanwhile would love a new housecoat – patterned so as not to show the dirt if poss! – also respectable! – for wearing downstairs if necessary! I plan to give you one for Xmas too- o.k.?! Lindy’s measurements: Present length of dresses 20”. Chest & waist 21”!! Thanks lots for letter of 28th. Will see about batteries. xxxxxx from Lindy & Charlie.

Love from all Cyn.

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