September 9 1953

Wed. 9th Sept.

Dearest Mummy,

I wonder how many years before all my letters will have a different beginning from “I am so sorry, but we have had such a busy time!”. You will be wondering if our holiday wore us all out when I have been so long in writing, but the time has flown since we came home & it wasn’t until your A.M. of 31st Aug. came today that I realized it is nearly 2 weeks since I last wrote. Thank you so much for it & also for your long A.M. which was waiting when we got home – I promise to answer all the questions faithfully, but intend to write a proper letter as I can see the answers will be voluminous! Carman leaves in about a week’s time so I should be not quite so busy – I hope!

Your parcel to Charlie arrived last week & he says thank you very very much dearest Grannie! I was shattered at the size of the overalls of course! Isn’t it simply ridiculous? I did choose a stupid pattern, didn’t I? I tried the big ones on Linda & the legs are about 6” too long for her & the straps much too long also – even the bib is broad on her little chest so that the buttonholes are practically at her arms. I do think that you have made them beautifully though Mummy & they look very smart – it is only that I am sorry I sent you such a poor pattern- also, of course, Charlie being a bigger-made child he will probably fit into them better & sooner than Linda. The little cotton overalls are simply cute – they fit well, except for the straps & legs – the legs are a good 6” or 8” long for his little legs!- but I can easily turn them up until he grows. Linda was simply enchanted with her pretty petticoat & we all think it is adorable! – Clever you!! She had it on one day & I let her go downstairs in it to show Daddy & Carman & she was just wiggling her little bottom & as pleased as punch! Today I got out a cotton one to put on & she yelled with rage & demanded her pretty petticoat. She puts on her own shoes now, by the way & insists on trying to put on her own clothes! The shells & sponges were lots of fun for her – she had them in her paddling pool & she & Nancy (Douglas) played with them for ages – she likes the little basket too & altogether loved her presents. Everything now is “birthday” with her & so she tells everyone that “Grannie sent Lindy shells for a birthday”! Thank you also for my oven cloth – it is already much used!

We came home on Sat. 29th & it was a roasting hot day. We left about 2 p.m. & took Jim & Lee & Barry to their train in Pembroke & then drove on down to Ottawa & arrived here at 6:15. The children were very good, but next day Charlie wasn’t very well & sicked up a bit & had a temp of about 100. It was so hot & he stayed like that for 2 or 3 days – I called Dr. W. & he said it was just the heat. However that kept me busy- then on Thursday at 6:30 Joan & Ray Appleyard arrived with their little girl Carol from California en route to Chalk River. Did I tell you they wrote & told us they were coming to C.R.? I answered & invited them to stay on their way & when we came home there was a letter telling us when they were coming. They look just the same- except Joan 8 months pregnant & Ray a bit gray on temples! Carol is a curly headed little blonde- rather a funny little puggy face, but cute! We had 9 in the house that night! Ray went on next morning but Joan & Carol stayed till Sunday to rest a bit. The heat was terrible – 95° & over & humidity miserable – you can imagine! But thank goodness it broke on Sat. & is bright & cool now- so cool this evening we have a fire on! Charlie is cutting his 2 top teeth & is a bit nattery- also he can crawl – all over the place! He & Lindy send xxxs & hugs & lots of thanks. 

Love from us all Cyn.

A slight anticipation!

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