December 25 1952

Christmas Day 

Dearest Mummy,

Just a short letter on Christmas Day to tell you that Charlie & I are both doing beautifully & feeling so well that we are practically bouncing. I didn’t mind being here for Christmas at all really, & the hospital has certainly try to make everything just as nice as possible. The little student nurses all got up at 5.0 a.m. & came around & sang carols- on our floor they sang “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” “Away in a Manger” & “Holy Night” & afterwards they told us that the night nurses had fixed up a little nativity scene & got one of the real little babies & put him in the manger & he just lay & slept there quite peacefully while the girls sang. I have such a nice girl in the next bed to me (a room like A.A.- just 4 beds) & she had a radio so this morning while we were washing ourselves in bed & feeding our babes we listened to the “Round the World” broadcast from London & then the Queen. Of course I lay & wept heartily & thoroughly enjoyed myself!

We had our Christmas Dinner at noon & the trays looked so pretty. A little Christmas tree decorated with stars & candy at the bottom on each one, & our names on a fancy card & a little Menu & gay napkin. We had turkey & plum pudding & all the trimmings & this evening for supper we had ham & Christmas cake & even a tangerine & grapes & a cracker.

Cec came in this afternoon & told me all the fun of Lindy opening her presents – I had just 2 here- a pair of nylons from Cec & a lovely dark red long sleeved sweater from Lindy. We are going home tomorrow afternoon, so will open all the rest then – Cec has a tree all ready for us, so it will be another Christmas all over! Thank you for your lovely Christmassy cable – we are all thinking of you & send love & kisses 


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