Another Baby!

21st Dec. 1952

Dearest Mummy,

By now you will know the little old Algy snuck up on us & arrived early! And if I thought Linda was a funny looking little baby, I should have seen this one first!! He is quite the wierdest little fellow I ever saw!! He was 7 lbs. 6 oz. at birth & unlike Lindy, was like a little boiled lobster & still is very red & angry looking. He has lots of dark hair too, but it is like a bristly crew cut & his little face is all scrunched up! 

Aren’t we clever having a boy? He is to be Charlie as we couldn’t think of anything better! Actually, it was in the car going to the hospital that we decided, so you can see how long the discussing lasted! If it was a girl we thought of Cynthia Clare, but we can store that one up!

On that morning I got up & felt fine, but a bit odd & a sort of pressure on the bottom of my tummy, but there was no show or anything. Cec went off to work & Lindy & I did the usual chores- I had had the cleaning woman & she was marvellous & had cleaned through the whole house, so I felt very pleased. I began to get funny pains & odd feelings during the morning, but couldn’t decide if it was anything or not. However I didn’t go shopping to Joanisse as I had planned & when I put Lindy to bed & had my lunch I began timing the feelings & found that they were coming regularly. So I dashed & had a bath & washed my hair!! Wrote notes for the milkman etc. packed my case, Lindy’s case, & Algy’s case (all ready except for last minute things really) & then phoned Cec. He was in a Seminar & of course everyone knew why he had to get up & leave! All afternoon the pains were irregular & I sat & ironed shirts & Cec & I had a nice chat & cups of tea! I called Dr. S. & the nurse said she tell him but didn’t think there was any hurry. He called about 6 & the pains were regular & he said to go in about an hour. We put Lindy to bed & Cy came over & baby sat & Cec took me to the Hospital.

He had to just leave me there- not allowed to stay- & I got going very quickly. Not as nice as last time – I know lots more about labour pains & nothing about what happened at the birth- was just flat out. They woke me & told me it was a boy & I just looked vaguely at the little bundle & went to sleep again. Cec came (the babe was born at 11.0 p.m.) about 12:30 & saw us both. I am feeling fine – stitches a bit sore, but no tail trouble this time, thank goodness. Was up this morning for a little. Cec says Lindy is having a grand time with Barrie. Lots of love from Cyn & the grandson!

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