November 14 1952

14th Nov. 1952.

Dearest Mummy,

I was going to do so many things last night – write you a long letter; do some ironing; fix the plants – then when Cec was down stoking the furnace, he found Mrs. Graham doing hers & during a conversation through the hole in the wall she told him that Quiller was away so she was alone etc. Of course, he said to come in & have a chat with us, so she said she’d be delighted & would come right away! Eventually she came (all glamoured up!) & had a glass of sherry & TALKED! Cec & I couldn’t get in a word edgewise & when she finally left we fell back exhausted with our tongues out, panting!! All of interest to tell you really, is that Jane has a job in television in Toronto & that so far they have nothing done about moving- “Quiller is so-o-o slow”! We had a very brief call from our new landlord the other day, by the way – he is French & seems O.K. – will move into Graham’s house when they leave- they had 6 mths. notice. 

So. I didn’t get anything done I meant, except that I ironed Cec one shirt for today & did the plants as I had soil etc. all over – they are all flourishing & I had three little begonia slips with roots to plant & one philodendron, & I put some new soil on some of the others etc. The fuchsia is flourishing greenly with no flowers, but perhaps this is its off-season! I was glad to hear Mrs. Costain was doing so nicely. [Her namesake rosebush in St. Vincent.]

Since I wrote last week we have done nothing except on Sat a.m. I paid another visit to Dr. Flora and he was so cruel to me! He decided to take out another bicuspid on the other upper side & then after much deliberation also to take out a big molar beside the 2 he taken out last week- leaving the two abscessed front ones to be whoopsed out when he had the plate ready. Well, the smaller tooth came out after a bit of a struggle, but the big one! He pulled & pulled & heaved & yanked & it creaked & cracked & bled until we were both exhausted. Finally, after 5 or 6 attempts it came out, leaving a broken root behind which he then had to dig for. He said that he hardly remembered having such a bad extraction & was most upset & he & the nurse hovered over me as if expecting me to produce at any moment!! Actually, me nerves were all shattered & I had quite a little weep in the car before I drove home, but it was so nice having Cec there & he put me to bed & by teatime I felt better. My face & even my eyes were all swollen & it wasn’t really till about Wed. that I got over feeling a bit nervy & weepy & of course sore places on both sides so eating is no pleasure! However! He told me it would cost $115.00 which made me feel ten times worse, but, that very same day my Income Tax return from the U.S. which I’d got tired of waiting for arrived – $126.00- I was so happy! Also, yesterday Dr. Herzberg told Cec that he is to get a big promotion with a substantial increase, so we are blissful! Isn’t it lovely? Will write properly soon again. Lindy is fine and sends xxx Love from Cyn.

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