November 3 1952

3rd. Nov. 1952

Dearest Mummy,

All last week I kept thinking “I must write an A.M. to Mummy,” but we were literally busy every minute with party preparations, and being the first week for our lodger & the last week for having Lee’s sewing machine just completed the busy-ness!

Well, the party is over & was a great success! Everyone said what a wonderful time they had & raved about the food & complimented me till my head was practically the size of my waist-line!! It was a lot of work & I’m glad it is over because on top of housework & looking after Linda it was plenty, but I’m glad that we were able to do it because Phyl & Alec have been very kind to us & the whole Spectroscopy group is so nice. It was a huge surprise to Phyl & Alec & they were quite overwhelmed – they gave them an electric kettle & Phyl a corsage of baby white chrysanthemums & I got a corsage too! I would tell you more about it but these forms are so small that I had better stop & maybe give you more details in a sea letter sometime.

The weekend before the party, on the Sat. Cec & Linda & I went down & bought Hallowe’en decorations & candy etc. in town & had quite a good time, then on Sunday we had been invited to Mr. and Mrs. Burrough’s to dinner. Dan also moved in that Sunday morning, so it was a busy day! We went to the B’s about 4 & had a very nice dinner of roast chicken. They are terribly kind & just falling over themselves to amuse Lindy etc.. I dressed her in the little red tartan dress that Gunborg sent for her birthday as all her little summer dresses are too short now, & she was so pleased & proud of herself & looked so grown up. She walks all the time now- hardly crawls at all – & has began to say “Mummee” & “Daddee”- it is so sweet to hear her. Mrs. B. had borrowed a high chair for her, so I fed her her supper as we had ours & then she chewed a piece of chicken! She was very good & just began to get tired about 7.0, so we said goodbye & left.

Mon. I did my week’s wash & Tues. all the ironing & got that out of the way & then the rest of the week I washed china, cleaned silver, cooked, etc. etc.! I made the cover for the daybed & we had that down for the party to give more seating space, & it looks quite nice.

On Sat.- the morning after the party I had a dentist appointment at 9:30! Wasn’t that awful?! However, Lindy had me up of course, & after the party was over, when I was sound asleep Cec had stacked & tidied everything & washed the silver & glass, so when I came down in the morning all the chaos was gone! Wasn’t he wonderful? Dr. Flora took out 2 teeth (upper side) & will take out the front ones next, but will give me a plate at once, so that I don’t have to go toothless! He didn’t hurt & they have healed well. We washed up all day Sat.-  bit by bit! –  & on Sun. returned all borrowed goods – including the machine. Today I have felt more tired, but reaction I expect & Cec is chasing me to bed now. Thanks lots for A.M. of 27th- will really answer letters next. Lots of love & a big wet kiss from Lindy- 

                                   from Cyn.

N.B. Hallowe’en decorations are mine- no photos from their party!

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