January 20 1951

20 Jan. 1951

Dearest Mummy,

Cec and I have just been up to the Drug Store for my weekend treat- a chocolate milk shake! It is a really cold night & everyone else was drinking coffee & hot chocolate & warming things, but it was so long since I had had a milk shake that I defied the weather & enjoyed myself! We used to go up to the Drug Store nearly every weekend, but when I was dieting I was good & haven’t had more than 1 or 2 since then – now I am 116 lbs. with hardly any back porch so I am beginning to relax!!

We didn’t get a letter from you this week, but maybe you are like me- I meant to write to you this week earlier, but there was just no news as we hadn’t done a thing. We got a letter from Irene saying that she & Bill had done very little since New Year except sit by the fire & that they were getting into a rut, but Bill said it was a lovely comfy rut! Well, we are just the same- certainly Cec works each evening, but I am so loathe to go out & just love to stay at home! Cec had a great work session on with late nights etc. until he finished what he was doing at the beginning of the week, then the poor boy got a really horrid head cold & has been poorly with it ever since. He stayed in bed on Wed. but had to go & take his class on Thurs. but stayed in again Fri. & it wasn’t until today that it began to clear a bit so that he could breathe more easily & taste things again.

We did go out once last week – on Monday to one of our concert series which was the Don Cossack Choir. They are a choir of men- originally from Russia after World War I, & so are no longer very young, but they were fun & we enjoyed them. They sang all in Russian- some sort of Church music, some folk songs etc.- their conductor is a little, wee man ( 4ft.10in.) and in a tight uniform & riding boots he looks so minute!

I don’t remember if I had got your letter telling about your New Year when I last wrote- anyway thank you so much for it. Cec & I both enjoyed so much your Christmas & New Year letters & loved hearing all that you had done. It all sounded so much fun, & as if you had had such a good time & we were so happy. I was disappointed that you hadn’t got my parcel yet, but goodness I do hope that it has arrived by now.

Contents of Parcel!

All my parcels to England seemed to get there in good time – I had a letter from Ruth written before Christmas & she had got hers then- no mention of duty!! I also had a letter from my Father- the first I have had since I left England. Thanking me for the parcel & quite nice & appreciative of all the things- he mentioned them all & which he liked best & he was particularly taken with the patience cards, so I am much encouraged to send more. He wrote of playing chess, draughts & bagatelle & doing crossword puzzles etc. & is still very full of his RC religion.

I had a letter from Dottie & she was down staying with the Burtons near L’pool & poor little Pete had caught this horrid ‘flu & was quite ill for a while & still very peaky. It seems really serious in England & must be very worrying for everyone, & doesn’t show any signs of improving yet. I’ve heard nothing more from Anne & how she and baby are getting on, but hope they are all right. Must stop now & go to bed – Cec sends his love & a snuffly hug – hope all the aunties are well & you too, honey bun – 

                             With lots of love from 


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