January 10 1951

Jan 10th 1951.

Dearest Mummy,

We got your parcel this week and it is lovely! Thank you very, very much for the beautiful luncheon set – it is really a wonderful piece of work, and both Cec and I are so impressed at the immense amount of work you have done for us. I am panting for the day that we have a really nice dining table, so that I can display it in its full glory, because it will look so lovely on a beautiful shiny wood.  Thank you also very much for the bamboo mats – they are so nice and will be awfully useful. I had meant to say to you in one of my letters after you mentioned sending some to people in England, that I would love some for my birthday, but you forestalled me & I am so pleased.  It was really a lovely parcel Mummy, & both Cec & I are thrilled with the luncheon sets – by the way – I thought I had better tell you – there are 8 little mats & only 7 big ones – Cec thought he should enquire at the P.O. but I didn’t think there was much hope of finding it there- also I wondered if perhaps the 8th mat was still in the making! Anyway don’t worry because there are lots, but I thought I would tell you just in case you had one more to send.

When we went to collect your parcel (the postman puts a note in the door as we’re out & we go to the P.O. to collect) we found one from Joan Cox too, with bubble bath for me & braces for Cec & a cute little wooden kitchen calendar, then next day we got one from Cec’s family, so our Christmas lasted a nice long time.  Cec got cigarettes from Carmen & I got a little fat woman with a kitchen pad & pencil from him, & from Mom & Pop we got a pretty plant pot holder – Devonshire ware- in the shape of a duck- I must get a nice little plant to fit in it. 

Since I last wrote we have been very quiet – Connie & Leonard left us exhausted! We had a letter from them by the way – very formal – & no word of how Connie was feeling! Each evening after dinner I just lay on the sofa & read & dozed & was sent to bed by 10 o’clock, so this week am feeling more like myself! Cec has been having one of his terrific work sessions, so has been toiling away at night while I slept, but last week was still holiday, so he was able to work at home. I drive to & fro in MacTavish and he is being a very good car.

Last Thurs. Pete & Mary Jo asked us to dinner & bridge with 2 other couples so we went & had a very nice evening. Their little girl, Jody, aged 3, stayed up to receive us & was so sweet & such a little chatterbox. Her Mummy & Daddy come from Baltimore & she has a real Baltimore accent & made Cec & I laugh by saying the flowers were so “purty”!! 

On Sat. Bob Peebles, one of my bosses had Cec & I to dinner along with the rest of the Field Office. He is a middle-aged bachelor, but cooked & served a very nice dinner & we had quite a pleasant evening. I don’t like work 1/2 so much now my friend Edie has gone & miss her a lot, but part of my feelings may be post-holiday reaction!!

Thank you lots & lots for your lovely, long newsy letter written at Christmas – we loved it & were so happy that you had such a nice time. I will answer your letter & will write more at the weekend & must go & wash dishes now! Thank you again, honey, for our lovely present –      

With lots & lots of love from Cyn & Cec.  

Mats from the West Indies! I don’t have my grandmother’s beautiful crocheted luncheon set, but we always had everyday mats- not bamboo, palm leaf-from St Vincent, and I still do.


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