April 27 1950

27th April. 1950. 

Dearest Mummy-

I began an Eeenormous long letter to you on your birthday, & have been adding bits off & on through the week, but it isn’t finished yet, so I decided I’d write you an A.M. today & send the other when I do eventually finish gossiping! I hope that you had a lovely day last Saturday – we thought about you & I am looking forward to hearing what you did. Yesterday was the anniversary of our famous party where Cec & I met, two years ago! It seems ages doesn’t it, since we were putting chairs out in the Conservatory under the potted palms & Connie & Leonard arrived with 2 strange young men?! We celebrated by having a nice dinner at home- fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, tomato salad, then raspberries and cream! No wonder we are getting fat! Then we went to the pictures to see Bing Crosby in “Riding High” which we enjoyed although it wasn’t really very good. It was about horses & racing & of course Bing’s horse won in the end! Last week we went to see Walt Disney’s “Cinderella” and it was perfectly sweet. We both loved every minute of it & could have sat & seen the whole thing over again! It was the nicest Disney since “Snow White” & although there was nothing to compare with the dwarfs, there were some cute little animals, & a few little different touches in the old story so that it was nice & funny & fresh. I do hope it eventually comes to St. V. & that you see it – I know you’d love it.

We have been having the lousiest weather this week – heavy rain & thunderstorms every night except last night when we had Snow. I was disgusted! The Sutherlands are away in Washington this week – there is a conference, & as they have friends there, Dr. S. took the whole family in the car. I have the key & am watering plants & forwarding letters. I was also going to use the washing machine, but it went funny the day before they left, so I was disappointed! On Monday I had Joan Simpson & her little boy Christopher to tea. We had a great old chat & Christopher ambled around getting into mischief! As well as writing your long latter I have been clearing off all sorts of people from my conscience & wrote 8 letters this week – Mrs. Allan, Mrs. Johnny, Winnie, A. Ettie etc.! I’ll try and keep up the good work! Talking of letters reminds me of that cheque of yours– I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner about it. I think you had better write & tell Kirby about it- tell him you gave it to me to put in the Bank, so of course thought I had done so! If there is any difficulty, he will be able to fix it. You forgot to tell me which Mary you thought my birthday cable was from- do tell me so I can write & say thank you!

Must stop now – I am looking forward to hearing all your doings & all the gossip! My love to Auntie Muriel & all the girls – I was intrigued to hear of Alec! and look forward to hearing what you think of the children!

With lots and lots of love 

          from Cyn

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