April 17 1950

Mon. 17th April. 1950.

Dearest Little Mummy,

This is to wish you very many happy returns of the day, and to send you our love and best wishes for a very happy day. Auntie Muriel will probably have quite a celebration for you, and both Cec and I will be thinking of you, and wishing we were with you. I sent our card sometime ago, and yesterday we sent part of our birthday present by A. M. so I hope they both, and this letter too, arrive in time. The letters to & from Trinidad were so nice and quick, but I expect it will take longer to St.V.

I wonder if you are in St.V. by now. You said you were probably leaving by the Lady Boat on the 15th but I have no idea how long it will take to reach St.V. or even if it goes direct or calls at other islands. I am sure that you will be longing to reach home and get settled down after all these weeks because no matter how pleasant it is to visit, it is nice to reach your destination and relax. I know that I was so relieved when our travelling was over for a while, and I am sure you will be too. Also I know you will be longing to see Auntie Muriel & St.V. again, & it will be fun to see Uncle Fred & family & hear all the gossip! And although you don’t say so, I can imagine that you would be quite glad to get away from Auntie Trix, who is such a wearing person. You seemed to enjoy Janie & Bill’s so much and they & their family must be sweet, but Auntie T. is a different cup of tea, & you will feel much more comfy with Auntie Moo.

Thank you so much for your last letter written on Good Friday. I was most interested to hear about Patsy & quite tickled to hear of her holding forth & about the tough time she has had! I don’t mean that she didn’t, but I do mean that like her sisters I bet she could make a good story out of it!! Cec and I have just been deciding that we did things the wrong way round- looking at ads in the paper we see rings etc. are so much more reasonable than in England, so Cec said we should have waited & got engaged over here, then reading a mag. article on having a baby, it is so expensive, we decided we should have had the baby in England!! Not that we’re thinking of having one just yet- we definitely couldn’t afford it!

We have had a very quiet week since I last wrote. The Univ. had a week’s holiday, so Cec had no classes, but he went to work most days & has been working at home like a beaver. He is disappointed because equipment & things he needs and has ordered are so slow in coming- the dept. is short of money & are quibbling about expenses – so he can’t get started on his experimental work, and has to carry on with theory. On Tuesday evening we had in a fellow called Al MacNamara who comes from Saskatoon & was at College there with Cec. He is taking his Ph.D. here & is a very quiet shy lad – but ate hugely!  Talking of that, reminds me – you say you weigh 130 – well, I think my last weight was 128!! Isn’t it awful? This sedentary life is spreading me! On Thurs. Mrs. S. & I went to tea with Joan Simpson & saw her small son who is very cute, & on Sat. Cec & I went to see “The Third Man” again. It was good but not so thrilling as when we 3saw it in London – we had fun that evening, didn’t we? 

I am going to write a long gossip soon – & will send a birthday parcel too when we get some money! Would a cotton morning dress be a good idea, or would you like something else. Let me know if there is any little thing you could do with. Love to A. Muriel & lots & lots for you – 

    We’ll both be thinking of you- Hug from Cyn

Carol wrote notes to her sister on the blank bits of this air letter- about money, divorce, and people quite unconnected to Cyn & Cec!

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