June 1949

A flower in Cyn’s hair, and in Cec’s buttonhole!

In the world of 2020, Cambridge’s May Balls were cancelled this June because of the Covid 19 pandemic. But in 1949, Cyn and Cec went to the May Ball at St. John’s College, and although I can’t help wondering how much dancing Cyn got to do because I never knew Cec to dance, I am sure they had a wonderful night: a party of 10, white tie, ball gowns, dance cards, a menu that assumed it was an all-night affair (and which of course Cyn saved), and an atmosphere of general rejoicing at the end of the academic year.

Party of 10: Cec took the picture, and as the dance card shows, they could dance from 9:30 p.m. until the ‘Last Waltz into Gallop’ at 5:33 a.m. There were 5 different Supper times to choose from (11:30-3:30) and a Buffet to sustain them until then.

Not to mention a ‘Consommé au Départ’ to warm them up before going home! And of course Cyn and Cec had a more personal celebration coming up the month following…

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