April 1949

Cyn and Cec had met each other’s friends in Cambridge in the year since they had met, but the Easter holidays gave them a chance to branch out, meet friends outside of Cambridge, and enjoy the theatre, one of Cyn’s favourite things. The picture in the scrapbook for Easter 1949 above features baby Nigel, 4 months. In London, they would have spent time with Jessie and Norman Aldridge and their little girls, where Cyn had an important question to ask- would Jessie’s 6-year-old daughter Zinnia be her flower girl in July? With clothes coupons still needed, this was quite a demand but Jessie and Zinnia agreed!

Easter at Oxford.

For the actual Easter weekend, they collected Carol from Cambridge and went to Oxford, to visit Cec’s friends at the other university. I imagine Cyn is on the bank taking pictures of her mother enjoying the experience of punting in Oxford-something she probably never had time for in Cambridge!

On the anniversary of the house-warming party where they had first met, April 26th, Cec gave Cyn a memento, and she pasted the card into their scrapbook.

It was a happy holiday.

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