June 15 1947

15th June. 1947.

Dearest little Momma,

Don’t you like my cunning little cards? I got them in Toronto, & think they are sweet as well as being nice to write to people to whom I don’t have much to say! They all have different pictures on, but I thought you would like this one!

Thank you very much for your nice letter I got last week. I am glad that you think Nan’s presents are nice & I do hope everything arrives safely. I got the last of the parcels off this week & thought I was all done & then I got a $10 bill from Pam asking me to get some other things, so I’ll have to begin again! But I’m waiting till I come back to Toledo. I went to the bank on Wed. & paid my passage & took out all my money- some in Traveller’s cheques. I have about $200- $300 left so I should be all right. It’s a good job I have nice relatives & friends to go to tho’ & don’t have to pay hotel bills!

I was very amused at your adventures with the Derby & the blue horse – I don’t think your dreams are very prophetic somehow! Maybe when I get back to Cambridge I will go & visit Mary & Bill & see one of the big races is one day – it would be fun, but I’m just no good at betting or gambling – I’m always sure I’ll lose & I do!

I forgot to tell you that on Wed. after visiting the bank I went & bought a pair of white shoes, a pink & black cotton dress & a black straw hat! So that should end my shopping spree – I certainly seem to have been having one lately!

We are quite crowded at 4229 Berwick this weekend- Til, Lois & me & Bill & Grandma. Grandma is in my room, I am in Lois’, Lois is with Til in hers, & Bill is on the sofa in Lois’ study! Grandma thinks I am nice! She is nice too I think! Grandma made us laugh though, because she says I’ve made a different girl of Lois – she is so much brighter since I came! Til says that it’s because usually her relatives overwhelm Lois & this time she has my support! Lois & Bill are getting on fine this time though & I am so pleased- it is such a shame she has to work at the airport – it doesn’t seem right to be going away & leaving her behind. Til is driving of course & maybe I will help her a little- I drove Lois’ beautiful convertible last week & felt very proud of myself!

Did I tell you that I went to Church last Sunday? I read that the King said it was to be a National Day of Prayer in England, so I thought I would do my little bit too & I got up early & went to Early Service. You don’t mention anything about it so perhaps I got the wrong day, but anyway the intention was right!

Bill is flying back to Florida on Mon. or Tues. & Lois is staying here alone. She will come in the train to Conn. about the 20th July & will drive Til & me back again. I haven’t heard anything from Margs or any of them, but I am sure it will be all right. I’m not bothering to give you C’Zelma’s address because I’ll be only there a week & I expect you will write straight to Curly St. Well, I think that I have covered all the available space in my little letter – my love to the ladies at the Bee & all my friends, – and a kiss for you like the little bunnies! 

      Lots of love from 


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