June 14 1947

P. S. Thank you for your letter, Mummy.

14th June. 1947.

Dearest Mummy and Daddy,

My school days in America are over! It hardly seems possible that it can have gone so quickly, but while in some ways I’m pleased the teaching is finished, in others I’m sorry because I have grown fond of the students and like most of the teachers very much, so I was very sorry to say goodbye to them.

On Monday and Tuesday we had exams, and of course they turned out to be the two hottest days we’ve had, so everyone just sweltered. The students didn’t come to school after those days, so on Tuesday I said goodbye to them over the broadcasting system in the morning, and during the day I had a constant stream popping in to say goodbye & promise to write to me! I think I told you about getting a very pretty pin from one of my classes, and another one gave me a lovely white corsage on Monday, and a third one gave me a string of pink beads and a hankie. I also had a bottle of cologne from one little girl and a hankie from another, so I was quite overwhelmed.

On Tuesday I went home with Mary Bargman after school and had dinner with her & one of Marie Stoll’s friends’ Olive, who is going to meet her when she arrives in New York, and maybe will arrange for me to meet her. By the way, I had a letter from Anne this week saying that she will meet me in Southampton when I arrive – isn’t that nice of her?

The rest of the week we had for marking exams, clearing up, making upgrade cards etc. and so I had a busy time leaving everything Beautiful for Miss Stoll! I left her a little Union Jack hanging up in her room to remember me by! On Wed. the staff had a luncheon in my honour at school, and it was a lovely luncheon, but I was so overcome that I couldn’t eat a thing! Mr. Nauts made a speech and they gave me two beautiful presents – they had planned to give me a scent spray from the DeVilbiss Company in Toledo (it’s the founder that the school’s named after) because of the association, but when they went there the Co. wouldn’t sell them one, but insisted on giving them the best one they had for me! It is a kind of gold, crackle glass & very fascinating – and so after that they went and bought me a very pretty silver & diamanté brooch, so I did very well. I made a little speech & thanked everyone & told them I was sorry to go & ended up by using all the English expressions they’d teased me about & making them laugh- & afterwards so many people said I’d made them weep they were so sorry I was going. Mr. Nauts also said in his speech that anytime I wanted to come back & teach at DeV. they would be delighted to have me. Wasn’t it sweet of them?

On Thursday I didn’t do anything much, but on Friday I went to the Graduation of the Senior Class. The Auditorium isn’t big enough for all the students & their parents, so it is held in a neighbouring cinema. There were about 600 students graduating- the girls in white dresses & shoes, & all of them looking very pretty and sweet. It was a nice bright day, & after all the parents, teachers etc. were in, they filed in & sat down. Then we all sang the Nat. Anthem & a clergyman began with a prayer, & then there was more music, & a man gave a marvellous speech, then there were announcements of special awards & then the diplomas given to the students. It was very nice & I was very pleased to have seen it. Afterwards I went to a luncheon given by the Home Ec teachers of the City for me & they gave me a lovely silk nightie so everyone was more than kind to me.

On Friday evening Till’s mother came from her sister’s in Munro & is staying until Monday when Til & she & I drive to Connecticut. We will arrive on Tuesday & I’ll be there a week before going to Long Island for about a month. The weather has been awful today- cold as can be & yesterday evening we had a terrific rain storm which flooded the streets- we drove with the water up to the lights of the car! It went down quickly though.

Hope you are both well- 

      Lots of love from Cynthia.

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