March 5 1947

Wed. 5th March.

Dearest Mummy & Daddy,

I am so sorry that I didn’t write to you sooner this week but with being in Atlantic City I didn’t have time, and since I got back on Monday evening I have been in such a rush. Thank you very much for both your 6d.- Air letters, Mummy, – one I got last week, and one was waiting for me when I got back. I was so sorry to hear that it was still such dreadful cold weather at home when you wrote, and that the electric cuts and black out and everything was still going on, with no signs of getting better. I do hope that by now the weather will be better, and that by the time you get this letter, things will be getting better. It sounds so bad, from all the news and the things that people tell me in letters, but surely now it is March, the weather should improve.

I was so sorry to hear about your not being well lately, and having a carbuncle, Daddy. I can imagine how painful it must be and lasting such a long time too, but I hope that it is easier now, and will soon be gone. I was sorry to to hear about poor little Mrs. Johnson, and I hope that she is getting better.

Since I wrote last week, I have had quite a tour. I didn’t do anything except write out my speech and get things ready to go. I was quite worried in case the weather was going to be bad and the plane flight cancelled again, but although it was still cold & snow on the ground, it was clear and nice, so it was all right. Til & Lois took me to the Airport on Thursday evening, & I got the plane at 4.50 p.m. It was a big twin engine plane & held about 24 people I think. The first part was from Toledo to Cleveland – about 3/4 hour, & the plane flew fairly low, so that I could see the ground quite nicely, & all the lake frozen over. It was very bumpy, & the plane sort of waltzed in the air, which wasn’t very comfortable, but we arrived in Cleveland just as I was beginning to feel slightly peculiar! At Cleveland, Pat Ridley got on. She is from Bellingham, trained at Northern Counties after I left, & taught at Ipswich in England, & is at Ashland, Ohio, now. She is a blonde & reminds me a bit of Irene, & we got on very well together. We flew very high above the clouds after we left & it was a lovely & smooth & we had a most delicious dinner served to us – which we ate! As we neared New York we went down low again & it got bumpy again & poor Pat was air sick! I didn’t feel it too badly, but she did, & lost all her nice dinner into a neat cardboard carton which the Stewardess called a “Burp Cup”! We landed at La Guardia Air Field at about 8.30, & were taken to our hotel, the New Yorker, where we had rooms.

Next morning we went to the Airline Terminal to see about our flights back (we had to confirm them) then we rang up Cunard about our passages home, & did a little window shopping! We met a girl that Pat knew, the daughter of the people she stays with in Ashland, for tea at Radio City & had a nice time, then we caught the 7 o’clock train to Atlantic City.

We got there at 10:10 p.m. & went to this hotel where our “suite” was booked! Miss Sanger had got it for us, & Pam Holbrow was already there & it was lovely- a double room with twin beds, a bathroom & a single bed room. As we were having our expenses paid, we thoroughly enjoyed living in the lap of luxury, & we telephoned down for milk and sandwiches and had great fun! We read each other’s speeches and felt very girlish & as if we were back at College again!

Next morning at breakfast we met Miss Sanger & she told us we could do as we liked until a Luncheon at 12.30. It was a beautiful sunny morning, although cold, & we bundled up & walked along the “boardwalk” & it was lovely. Besides the Home Ec Conference there was a big Principals and Supervisors Convention which was lasting a week. We saw a programme, & who should be speaking at it, on the Sat. but our old friend Dr. Paul Smith, in the morning & Miss Edith Ford from England, at the banquet in the evening! We couldn’t go to the banquet, but we went along to the morning’s meeting & “gate-crashed”! There was Dr. Smith sitting on the platform, & when he saw us, he stared  & stared & then began to laugh! Unfortunately, he was the 3rd speaker, & we had to leave before he began (he was speaking about the exchange of teachers) so we were very disappointed, but we left him a message.

At the luncheon we found another English teacher there, an older woman called Holman that we didn’t like a bit, but we didn’t haveanything to do with her & we were glad. She didn’t speak at the meeting except for a few words, but a Dr. Kabat from Washington spoke 1st, then me, then Pam & then Pat. I thought the other 2 girls were very good, & as usual everyone was most complimentary & the woman, Miss Kreser, who had arranged at all, came & wept & told us we had saved the meeting! We were most amused! We went to a tea afterwards & were very social & got back to the hotel about 6.30 feeling very pleased with ourselves! The next morning Pat & I went back to N.Y. again & Pam to Philadelphia, but we all met on the plane again on Monday to fly back- and gosh! What a trip! It had snowed & rained since Sat. afternoon, but it was clear on Monday, but terribly windy, & every one of us was sick! Pat got off at Cleveland and we envied her so! Pam wasn’t actually sick, but felt awful & so did everyone, & we were so glad to see Toledo – Til met us at the Airport, & she had been ill over the weekend with kind of neuritis in her shoulder, so she wasn’t feeling too good either. She insisted on taking Pam back with us, instead of going on to Fostoria, so we all went back & had something to eat & crawled into bed & slept from 9 o’clock!

Yesterday Pam went back to Fostoria & I went to work, but in the evening I had to rush off again. A Miss Cooper called for me in her car & took me to Fremont (about 40 miles away) to a Mother Daughter Banquet, where I was the speaker. It was quite fun & afterwards they gave me $5 so I didn’t mind so much! 

I must stop now, or else this will be too fat a letter. Before you get this I hope you’ll hear me saying “hello” over the wireless next Tuesday – I’ll be thinking about you. I do hope that apart from Dad’s boil, you’re both keeping well – 

With lots of love 

            from Cynthia.

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