February 13 1947

13th Feb. 1947

Dearest Mummy,

This is the pretty paper that Lois’ sister, Mary, gave me at Christmas, so I thought you would like to see it. I am in the middle of writing you that great long letter I told you about, but it is taking so long that I thought I would just write a little letter tonight to say hello. I am enclosing all sorts of funny things for you to see:- 1.) A list of my Christmas presents. 2.) A picture taken on the Aquitania of the eight of us in the cabin. Miss Mitchell is the fat lady that Nan saw at the station & she sent me the snap. She is somewhere near New York. 3.) A newspaper cutting of Gwen that she sent me. 4.) Two Edison stamps that Mrs. Pasquier gave me. Mr. P. is a philatelist & I told him one day I had a collection, so yesterday the Edison stamps came out & he went & got some & Mrs. P. gave me 4- wasn’t that sweet of them? I sent 2 to Mr. Laing & 2 to you – I thought I’d better send them, rather than keeping them hanging around here.

I have been sitting writing letters all evening in my little room & Til & Lois have been out. I wrote to Dottie, the people in Long Beach, Anne & the Delta Gamma! The latter are a group I spoke to a week last Wednesday & this week I got a parcel from one of the shops all wrapped up with red ribbon, & in it a note & a pair of nylons! Wasn’t it wonderful of them? The stockings are a size 9, so I may keep them & send them to someone, or perhaps get them changed. I forgot if I told you that I had sent Ruth a pair for her birthday- size 10 1/2 I got- I hope they get there all right. I haven’t written to Amy yet, but I will really try this weekend, although I go out to a tea on Sat. afternoon – to Mrs. Pasquier’s Sat. night & to speak to a Church Fellowship Group on Sunday night!

Did I tell you that I had sent Allan Jaeger a book for his birthday – just a little kid’s book & it cost $1.  It is Valentine day tomorrow & they make such a fuss of it over here – I sent one to Allan, because all the kids love them, & one to Uncle Artie!   Also to Ruth’s kids (David and Mary L .) & one to Roland Purdy about being “screwy” with a screw attached! Hugh sent me one that got here this evening that is a hoot! It is a goofy fellow sitting saying “WIMMEN IS POISON” & inside he’s with a hayseed-y looking girl, saying “How about you and me getting POISON- AL”!! I am enclosing some hearts for you that I got at the luncheon I spoke at last Sat. We had one on our napkins & the other with John Alden on was to find our places at the tables- I matched up with Priscilla, but someone had to tell me, as I’d never heard of them!

Who do you think I had a letter from a little while ago? No one else but our old friend Mr. Byrnes! I am enclosing it for you to see, because I think it’s funny, & I don’t think it needs answering, do you? Poor Mr. Byrnes- he seems to remember all our shelter jokes, doesn’t he?

I haven’t bought anything at all this month, but somehow my money seems to go just the same! I got my clock mended- $2.50- 2 stockings mended-  $1.00- a coat and 2 dresses cleaned- $3.00- stamps & postage on magazines- $3.00- Allan’s book – $1.00- Ruth’s stockings & Nan’s & 1 pair for Marcelle (wedding present) $5.50. It mounts up! I will see if I can send Amy some stockings later on & Charlie a tie maybe (they cost $2.00 I think) Have you any bright idea for Pop’s birthday? Or should I send him another tie, or hankies or socks or even suspenders or what! Or braces! Don’t forget to let me know if the magazine “Holiday” doesn’t turn up, & I’ll see about it. I am looking forward to getting your dress for Nan’s wedding – I think it will be fun! Tell me if there’s any colour you prefer & if you want it plain or flowery – I think plain would be more suitable for all seasons, don’t you? I am so pleased that your dress fit perfectly – do you think it looks nice on you? If Nan’s parcel shouldn’t arrive by any chance, will you let her try on your dress & see how it fits? I got you a 14 & her a 16, so we should be able to judge, don’t you think?

I must stop now as it’s 1130, & I must go to my bed. I do hope that you are all right, my honey & not having trouble keeping warm with low gas. By the time you get this I hope so much the dreadful weather has gone. Both A. Muriel & U. Artie wrote to me about you. 

    With lots & lots of love 

          from Cyn

Christmas Presents

Mummy- Cami-knickers-Little glass dog  (cute!)

Nan- Photo of herself which I like, but I don’t think it flatters her.  Ballet calendar, with pictures of different ballets, which I love.

Nancy Allan

Dottie- Book “Even From the Law” by that girl Alison Lathom she knows who writes books. It is fairly good, & it’s about Durham & Lake District etc. which is nice. From Peter, a little tiny book about “The Sleeping Princess” ballet, which is sweet.

Bar – Book ” Pleasant Valley” by Louis Bromfield about when he lived in Ohio, but I haven’t read it yet.

Irene – A calendar of a bowl of flowers – rather á la Katie, but she said she sent one of spring flowers because it was very English.

Mrs Allan- Book “The Happy Prisoner “by Monica Dickens. Don’t tell anyone but I took it to N. York & read it on the way, & then at Christmas I didn’t have a thing to give Ford so I gave him the book! Margs knew & maybe some of the others, but Ford was so delighted that I felt quite embarrassed!

Anne- A little fair isle beret to match the pretty jumper she knitted for my birthday. 

Lillian- A little powder puff. 

Mrs. Johnny- Bella-  Hankies. 

Miss Lefroy – A little booklet. 

Mary Egan – Something which hasn’t arrived yet!

Til & Lois- The nightdress & dressing gown I told you about. The dressing gown is exactly the same material & everything as the nightdress. A bit like this!

Ruth & Ernie (Lois’ sister and brother-in-law) – a pink silk slip & a little box with three tablets of toilet soap. 

David and Mary L – (the children) A gold bracelet & earrings to match. The earrings are round rings that clip on the ear!

Mary and Bob – (Lois’ other sister and brother-in-law. They brought these presents for me & they were waiting when I came back from N.Y. Wasn’t that sweet of them?) A lovely big box of writing paper- pale green with a little flower in the corner. Also a tablet of toilet soap.Ettie- A set of “Chen Yu” lipstick & nail varnish to match! This morning I sat down & carefully put the nail polish on, & then carefully took it all off again because it looked so funny!

A. Ettie- A set of “Chen Yu” lipstick & nail varnish to match! This morning I sat down & carefully put the nail polish on & then carefully took it all off again because it looked so funny!

A. Muriel- A box of air mail writing paper & a silver brooch. The brooch is the fine filigree work & made in the W.I.- very pretty.

Margs – 2 prs nylons. 

Monie – pink silk slip with lace along the bottom. 

Mill & Ford – a box of writing paper- nice but plain. 

Hugh & Monie & Alan- Hankies- 

U. Artie – $40- trip to N.Y. 

My Home Room- Brooch and earrings – they are really sweet – the brooch is a coppery-gold bow with a pearl in the middle & little blue stones around & the earrings are just the pearl & blue stones around & look lovely – they are small & pretty just as I like them. 

Foods Class- a lovely leather manicure set. 

Miss Pasch- soap-

Mrs Perkins (teacher)- Red Xmas candle.

Mr. & Mrs. Atkinson- nylons.

68 Christmas cards received. I sent 69!

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