August 1 1939

Tuesday 1st August

Woken up quite early & off to get a bath at the house. Great adventures with no water & what not, but managed eventually. Set out around 9-ish & got breakfast at a roadside café.

On again afterwards. The country changing – flat now, not so lovely – getting busier & more populated as we near Buffalo. Didn’t actually go into Buffalo, but drove around & to the city of Niagara Falls. Rather an ugly, industrial place. Asked a State Trooper if I could take his photo – a lovely man!

Down to the river & parked then went & saw the Falls from the New York side. Perfectly wonderful to see the masses of glorious green water rushing down- we went down to the bottom next & saw them pouring over the edge & the spray dashing up & wetting everything.

Next drove across the bridge into Canada. Imagine! I am in Canada! Asked the man to stamp our passports just to prove it!

Went along the river banks- even lovelier from this side – the Canadian Falls much bigger & a marvellous horseshoe shape.

Went to the General Brock Hotel for lunch – a very splosh place where we had a most luscious lunch – very nice. Had lunch in the same place & room that the King & Queen had dinner when they were here.

The heat most terrible- nearly killing us. Drove along to the Falls through the Queen Victoria Park. Went into the Rock House & down the tunnel & got all dressed up in marvellous rubber boots & macintoshes and & hoods – we looked gorgeous. Then down the elevator 180 ft. right into the rock itself. First of all went onto two platforms on the outside of the falls & watched the water & then to two platforms right behind the water itself. A most heavenly sensation to see the constant wall of white frothy water rushing past you & the spray drenching you all the time. We could have stayed & watched it all day – it was so wonderful. We got lovely & wet & the water trickled down my front- all great fun & we looked so absolutely absurd!

Up again & had ice cream sodas, then went & got rooms in a tourist house & then just lay. So hot we nearly died! Baths & dressed & out for dinner. Just had sandwiches & wrote postcards, then went & saw the falls illuminated. Stood & watched for ages, they looked so lovely – the colours changing all the time. The spray was terrific, wetting everything for miles around. Toured around the town a bit, but home & to bed as we were all dead tired.

I posted this on April 3 which was Cynthia’s birthday, in Canada, where she would spend 50 years of her life! The world was lucky to have her for 87 years.