September 14 1969

49 Cedar Road
Ottawa 9, Ont.

Sunday 14th Sept. 1969

Darling Lindy,
Charlie is down at Gloucester with the football game, hoping that his little boys will win today and get encouraged! (They didn’t!) I wonder if you managed to find a church this morning – ours was full with loads of kidlums for the S.S. registration – I had 12 and Debbie Christie had something like 15. She & Sue are going to change rooms & Sue will go into the little h’keeping room & Debbie into the big one. Alan & Mrs. Smart’s class are going down to the school. I liked being in the Block room, but it was chaotic – Bradfield & Lynn McSherry very much at home & being very vociferous & the others overawed. Little Stevie Graham began to cry which made a few others tearful, so I got Dick [Stevie’s grandfather] from the choir & as he refused to be comforted, Dick took him out & I suggested Jocelyn [his mother] stay with him next week. All went well for a while & then in the middle of the story, little Karen Reynolds dissolved & wanted Mummy. So I sat her on my knee & read above the sobs! I have demanded an assistant by next week!
The choir looked very lonely with 4 girls & 2 men – the 2 extra girls were the ones from that family that had the cottage – remember? Maureen & Sue asked about you & I gave Sue back her Hair Style Booklet. Have you met Linda Dowell yet? I was talking to Mr. Dowell & he was very impressed with Lady Eaton, but they were apparently not so well organized as C.P.T. because they told Linda (who arrived early. No Lamb?) to go & unpack & when she came down there were mile-long queues for Registration etc. She is sharing a room with another girl, but it is partitioned.
On Friday after I wrote to you I was very efficient. I went to down town to the Bank (met Jim Gander for a minute) & took back the Library books, then popped into Mr. Olmstead. He gave me the enclosed case for your glasses & wouldn’t let me pay. It’s not like your old one but I hope it will be O.K. just to keep them from getting scratched. Then I went to the Post Office (mailed the film) & the St. Laurent Library with our renewal cards – the girl says it’s OK about yours. I got out “On Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home” & I am reading it now & wish you were here to read it too. It takes place at Passover & it’s not nearly so much fun not having you to discuss it with.
Yesterday Charlie & I decided that if he was to get our bedroom painted this was the time, so I moved into the bed in the family room & we chased around & got everything organized & Charlie got most of it done. There is some of the woodwork still to finish but it looks very nice. I bought some new curtains at S. City as I thought lighter coloured ones might make the room look bigger – they are thin sort of sheer material, but with a lining in shades of blue & green. Pretty, I think. I am toying with the idea of trying to recover the lampshades – they are such a dreary yellow-y colour now.
I spent all Friday evening doing N.S. accounts & must still have another session with them, but think I will leave it till tomorrow. I am so infuriated – the 2 things I wanted to watch on TV – the Royal Family. & the Disaster of the Riol, instead of being on tonight and tomorrow evening are BOTH on tonight at 9 PM- Grrrr!
It is a lovely sunny day, so I think I had better go out & do some gardening – maybe if I tidy up the front, Daddy won’t get too big a shock!

Lots of love from
Charlie and Saki and

P.S. Joey had on her new skirt & coat today. It looked very nice but she must have been hot.

P.PS. Monday Noon – Just got your letter written on Sat. Hope classes went well today. Going to S.C. for a big envelope for this & will mail.

There really was 2=way communication!

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