November 20 1961

Went to Emil today- feel more respectable!
20th Nov. 1961

Dearest Mummy,
Sorry to have been so long in writing. I am fine but I find that it takes me a long time to do anything & then I am fair wore out, so I don’t get much done!
At long last Cec got your glasses today and took them to Mr. Olmsted. In the parcel of course he found your letter telling all about your fall. Of course, here & in the U.S. you’re not allowed to put letters in parcels, but what made the big delay was that it was sent to the Customs, & then they sent us a P.C. saying there was a parcel. We didn’t connect it with your glasses for quite a while & Cec didn’t get down to collect it straight away with having no car & all the general confusion, but now I hope we’ll get it soon & send it off as quickly as we can.
The first week I was home we did without a car then we got the money from our car insurance & last week Cec went downtown & looked around at new cars & in the end got another Envoy. It is the new model just come in – such an awkward time to buy – no 1961 cars left & hardly any new 1962 ones arrived. It is a little different to Rosie – slightly wider & longer & other small changes & we got the only one in Ottawa so had no choice as to colour etc.! Fortunately it is a nice of blue with a pale blue side streak & blue leather inside & Cec seems to like it very much.

I am doing very well & although I am disgusted sometimes at how little I feel like doing, I look back a week & realize I am improving each day. I still have trouble sleeping through the night & ache a bit, but can now bend & lift fairly well. I never had much trouble breathing as most of my broken ribs were in the back, but a cough or sneeze is a major crisis! I will try & get the typewriter out & write a long letter soon – have to tell you all about Charlie being in the Public Speaking Contest!! Sorry I never told you anything about Christmas presents – I just have no ideas & I am afraid all mine will be months late as I haven’t done a thing yet.

Dottie’s son, from England.

Love & thanks to A. Moo & lots of love to you from us all.

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