June 8 1961

Cyn’s birthday was April 3rd. In her letter of June 3rd, she had told her mother that there still had been no sign of the birthday parcel that Carol had no doubt mailed in early March! Not only had there been her birthday presents and treats for the children inside it, but Carol had also included some items she thought would sell at the Anglican Bazaar that Cyn’s Ladies Guild had held in May. And just days after that last letter, Cyn sends another one because the parcel has finally turned up!

2043 Montreal Road,
Ottawa 2. Ontario.
8th June, 1961

Dearest Mummy,
At long, long last your birthday parcel has arrived! Many, many thanks! I am delighted with my petticoat and panties, and you should have heard Linda’s squeal of delight when she saw your old red poppits! She is going to wear the yellow hair fastener tomorrow with the yellow dress you once sent her. Charlie has been walking around in his sun glasses although it was a nice rainy day!
The baskets and hats are fine – the hats are a bit squashed but I have just been steaming them and they are all right now I think. It is such a pity we didn’t have them for our handiwork stall as I think they would have looked very gay and attractive, but I am having a coffee party in a little while and will show the girls and if anyone wants to buy I will sell the things, and if not I will put them away for next year. It was very sweet of you to send so many things for us and I know all the girls will appreciate it. Ruth Lockwood just phoned me after dinner to say that she had had such a nice card from you, so I don’t know if it took as long as the parcel. I also got your typed airmail of June 1 and think that you did very well. Don’t worry about mistakes – when you type letters to me just try to buzz along and you will soon find it not such a chore and you will get quicker. Obviously I don’t worry about mistakes! But if you are being too careful it slows you down unless you are an expert.
I wrote to you just on Monday and already it seems long ago. One thing is piling on another, and unless I am careful Charlie will be coming to dirty floors and dusty house! On Tuesday morning I went over to the N.R.C. on Montreal Rd. and helped at the Blood Donor Clinic. There were 6 of the Scientists Wives there including Sheena and me, and we served orange juice or coke to the people before they gave blood (my job) and some checked cards and helped the nurses, and then the others served coffee and cookies and doughnuts afterwards and gave them little tokens. It was interesting and quite fun, particularly as I met all sorts of our neighbours! I took Sheena home with me for lunch and she stayed chatting all afternoon until tea time. She is expecting, did I tell you? We had a nice time, but of course I got nothing done. On Tues. evening it was the Guild meeting and I had asked Eddie Savic to sit with the children, but he got a stiff neck, so kind Peter came instead. I went to the meeting and was duly elected president. We also presented Mrs. Bowen with a nice aluminum tray and six coasters to match. It was very pretty – quite big with a handle at each end and a design of pinecones beaten into the polished aluminum. She seemed very pleased with it.
On Wed. a.m. I dashed around and then at 10 o’clock set off for Mary Orr’s with all the paraphernalia to make my hat! It was very intriguing to watch her swathe the tulle and try it this way and that until we were satisfied. It is a small turban shape and made of a kind of nylon lace stiffened. Then over this Mary has draped black tulle with velvet spots to give a slightly bouffant look! I have some pretty little mauvy-blue flower clusters which I am to place hither and thither! I think it will look very pretty, but since then I haven’t done a thing to it, but I must finish the creation for Sunday. When I came home I got the children’s lunch, then washed all the windows in the house and washed and polished down the stairs and the downstairs bathroom. Then, at 4 o’clock Flora Wansbrough came to tea with the baby! She had left the little boys at a party, but Linda and Charlie were very amused at watching the baby get her cereal – and of course the baby loved the attention and laughed and chuckled and splurted cereal and was a riot! She is a lovely chubby little thing now and Flora is looking well. Flora left at 6, and we ate dinner in a rush and then Charlie was off to Cubs, and I had to go and pick him up at 8.00 so that’s how the time flies.
This morning I decided I had better go downtown to the bank as I wouldn’t get another chance before next Wed. and I wanted to have a decent amount when I go to Montreal. I took Mrs. Martin down and dropped her there and then did a few things, and I got a pretty handbag with your five dollars for my birthday – thank you very much! It is black patent leather with sort of tapestry sides with a rural scene! I wanted black to match my black patent leather shoes and both my new coat and my pink suit are trimmed with black, but I felt that plain black wasn’t very summery, so I am delighted with this – it is quite plain inside, and nice and roomy. So I am now really well fitted out. I certainly am glad I got my coat when I did as it has been cold and rainy so much since, and I have worn it practically every day and got so many compliments.

After being in town – by the way I got some small things to give Charlie for Ruth, and the boys as I hadn’t sent them any birthday presents this year. Ruth, a very pretty brooch – I would like to keep it myself! – Richard a small pocket knife with a Mountie on it, and Michael a pair of those slippers socks. Then I went to the coinwash and as well as my wash did a blanket and the loose cover off the sofa- I found I had enough material to replace the entire seat, so I put it in and then washed it to make it all the same colour! It was after 2 when I got home, and I was to be at Mrs. Bowen’s for tea at 3! Rush, rush, rush!
Tomorrow Ruth Lockwood and I are going on a little expedition to Almonte – a place near Carp where there are woolen mills and a mill shop, and we are going to look over the woolens. I suggested it to Ruth before Cec ever left, and now I really have no money for material but we are going for the fun of it anyway and will have a picnic lunch. I only hope it is a nice day – today poured solidly till about 3 o’clock.
Lila phoned up the other evening and is back at N.R.C. for 2 months, so of course I asked her out, and we are collecting her at 3.00 on Sunday afternoon, and she will have dinner with us. The children think this social life is wonderful – when Cec gets home I will be glad to be carless and forced to stay at home for a while!
I must stop now as I am tired and as you will see the mistakes are increasing! I am enclosing two hair nets, and hope that they are all right. I didn’t know if you preferred nylon or hair or what – you will have to let me know when I get you some more. You have me full of curiosity over this mysterious expensive birthday present you thought of sending Linda! I am glad you found something more reasonable, but do tell me what it was!
Much love to Auntie Muriel, hello to Doris and big hugs and kisses from the children. Linda is very pleased with herself this week because 1.) she has lost 2 of her 8 year old molars – one of which she pulled out herself! and 2.) there was a Dominion Test at school in Vocabulary and Comprehension and she was top of the class in both. Out of 75 words she got 72 correct and she got all the other test correct – clever girl. Charlie says “Well, I wasn’t the best in my class, but I wasn’t the worst either!”
Lots of love

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