March 17 1957

This letter was actually written in the middle of the previous one, but by a totally different person!


Dear Grannie,
I was sick on Friday night but I got better and this morning for breakfast I had toast, tea, egg, milk, honey and juice afterwards. Lindy and Mummy went to Sunday School but I stayed at home with Daddy and played with Niki. Niki was sleeping on Lindy’s bed and sometimes she likes to get into one of our drawers & go to sleep there. Yesterday when I was sick I had my dressing gown on all day but today I put my clothes on. I can put on all my clothes by myself & when we go out I put on my snowsuit & boots & hat & scarf & mittens as quick as a wink and give Mummy a big surprise.

This evening we are going out to have dinner in a restaurant. I love going to restaurants. When Mummy went to the doctor Lindy & I went & stayed with Daddy at the Lab. We saw Lila & Boris & Shirley & Wendy’s Daddy & Santiago & had a lovely time.
With lots of love

Charlie was quite disgusted at Linda getting a letter from you & not him (!) so he had to settle down & write a letter too! He told me what to write & drew the enclosed picture – all kisses you see!! I am in the middle of a letter to you & will mail it tomorrow. Love Cyn.

This is the dress she talks about finishing in her letter- cut out from the pattern with a swatch of the material pinned on.

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