March 2 1957

2nd March

Dearest Mummy,
As you know, I have been saving all this junk for months to send you, & at last I got it all finished & thought I had better send it A.M. if you were to get it before midsummer! Lindy is also sending you a letter as she was so excited at telling you about her tooth!

Dear Grannie Here is a
picture for you. I have a loose tooth Linda
in the bottom of the front
Love and XXOOXX

She & Charlie had colds & Lindy was at home yesterday – I was hoping for a whole week at school for her! However, they are a bit better today but we are keeping them in. I thought you might like to see Lindy’s report & I was so tickled at Cec – he was surprised that she wasn’t excellent at everything!! Actually after we both giggled he explained he was surprised at the “reading & numbers” as we thought she was very quick at them, but on thinking it over she has been absent so much since Christmas when they began doing these things.

I am feeling so much better – quite peppy again & not so tired even in the evenings. I think the Dr.’s remark will probably be true that I will feel better than I have for a long time. Poor Mil, I was so sorry to hear of her horrid time -it must have been trend for dreadful.

We are invited out to our Indian Fellow’s Dr. & Mrs. Narasimhim’s for dinner this evening. They are Hindus – very strict – no alcohol or meat etc. – so we are having dinner now (1:30) (pork chops and & applesauce!) to sustain us for the evening! Will really write a long letter next week, as I am feeling much more like writing now & I have hundreds of yours to answer. Thank you so much for them all.
Lots & lots of love from us all – Cyn.

Putting drawings on the fridge with magnets wasn’t a thing in the 50s.
Note Sender!

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