September 4 1956

Box 330
R.R.1 Ottawa
4th Sept.1956

Dearest Mummy,
Lindy and Charlie send a big hugs & thank you for Lindy’s lovely birthday parcel which was an immense success with them both. Lindy’s little panties & slip are sweet – a little bit big for her, but all to the good & I can easily take up a tuck in the slip. She was very pleased with them, but even more so with her Elizabeth Arden powder! Very luxurious for a five-year-old & you’d think she knew because she is so tickled at having some of her own! She likes the pencil box & pencils very much too & I can see will expect to begin writing the very first day! Charlie was so delighted to find something for him in the parcel and loves his book about the pony.

Mother & daughter yellow dotted swiss outfits made by Cyn!

I think that they both had a very nice “Linda’s birthday”! Lindy was very excited about it this year & kept wondering what she would get! The paddling pool was her big present of course & she got that earlier in the summer, but I made them a tent to go over a card table like the one they saw at Lu Forsyth’s & which they had been talking about ever since. I also made Lindy a little tablecloth with 4 tiny napkins & two little dolly bibs out of the “animal” linen I made their curtains of. She is very pleased with them as she is always having little parties & used to put an old scarf or cloth on as a tablecloth – they look very cute too! Then we got her a big new colouring book & Charlie some plasticine to share & then they also got necessities: – a little corduroy jacket each – Lindy’s a light navy & Charlie’s a royal blue – also a raincoat & hat for Lindy – very cute & glamorous! – pink & black checked taffeta sort of – with a flared skirt & a little jockey cap! She is thrilled with it & longs for wet weather! It is a little big for her but she still looks sweet in it. I also got her on sale a dear little navy blue cotton dress with white & red trimming for $1.77! Linda got quite a few parcels & lots of cards – a pencil box from Dottie; brooch & hair ribbons from Amy; tiny dolly in a carrri-cot from Nan. We had Lila out to dinner on the birthday (with all Lindy’s favourite foods – roast chicken, m. potatoes, gravy, beans, tomatoes, cupcakes & ice cream) & Lila brought all sorts of things – soap dogs, a book to write him, more pencils etc. so it was very exciting.

We had the party on the Sat. & had Jimmy, Joanne & Susan, Sharon (the little N.Z. girl) & Wendy & Shirley. We asked Barry but he had a cold & couldn’t come. On the Thurs. evening I sat down & cut out a dress for Lindy, began it & finished it on Fri. evening & she wore it to the party! It cost me $1.50!! It is pale blue dimity (like voile only stiff & has a self stripe) with white lace insertion – I got the dimity on sale, 2 yards for .98¢ & the trimming cost 50¢ & it really looks sweet – very full skirt & sash to tie at the back.

Such as the sandbox!

Jimmy brought her a book; Joanne & Susan hair clips & $1!; Sharon a little picture; Wendy & Shirley a red handbag & soldiers for Charlie. We played much the same games as last year – a peanut hunt instead of marbles & I made fish & put them in the paddling pool & they fished for them & a few other things.

I made her cake a Zoo cake with choc. animal crackers looking out of candy cane bars! Pat Tomlinson & Doreen Moore (mothers) came up to & it was really a big success I think.

Since then I have been busy getting our young lady ready for school & believe it or not, tomorrow is the day! (am writing on Wed. now). Lindy is quite excited but is really taking it all as a matter of course too! We had a letter from her teacher ( Mrs. Albrand) & she is to take an apron (for painting) a little blanket (for rest period) & a cookie for lunch & 30¢ for milk, so I have all these things ready & marked (Cash’s name tapes to the fore again!) Charlie & & I are taking her & Joanne down in the morning & will go for them again at 11:30 – while the weather is nice we will all have the walk & not bother with the school bus. Pat is working again now you know, so that is why Joanne is coming with us. Poor Joanne has her arm in a cast – the very day after Linda’s party she fell & broke it.

I have been having such a time canning today – the children & I went downtown this morning (I bought an umbrella) & I got a basket of peaches, a basket of pears & a huge basket of tomatoes. So this afternoon I canned 10 jars of peaches & 3 of pears & then ran out of jars! I’ve also done all sorts of pickles, raspberries, rhubarb, so that is why, but I have borrowed more jars from Ken so will do the tomatoes tomorrow. After having it cold & wet all last week, this week is lovely of course & today I sweltered!
We were out to Jim & Lee’s on Sunday for dinner & had a lovely time. They are all looking well & Lee gave us a yummy ham dinner. Barry is getting so big – Lindy still loves him dearly, but there isn’t the harmony playing with him as there is with Jimmy! It is either Barry + Lindy against Charlie or the boys against Lindy! Little Dougie is so sweet now – so chubby and full of fun. He is all over the place but doesn’t talk much.
The Sunday before the Spanish couple, Dr. & Mrs. Velasco had us to a Spanish lunch at about 2.0 with a lovely Spanish dish called Paella – a mixture of chicken, rice, herbs, onions & shrimp! It was lovely! We took Charlie’s crib to loan them for their older boy & Charlie is now in Bjorn Kleman’s bed & loves it. The Klemans left on the Fri. & we were all went down to the station to see them off – they were sailing from New York. We got the bed from them & a lamp for the children’s room & a mirror- also a little bedside table & their radio – all such a bargains!
I must stop now as it is midnight & I must be up early in the morning! Tomorrow evening Mrs. R. has insisted I go to bridge – ugh! I don’t want to go a bit as we are not on too friendly terms & I have lots to do at home, but you know what she is!
In your last letter – thank you so much for it – you asked lots of questions (Dottie’s address etc.) but I had answered them all in a previous letter – hope you got it all right. By the way the letter you sent was quite late as you had put Cardinal Heights on it & it went to the wrong place. The address is just Box 330 R.R.1 Ottawa – no Rothwell or Cardinal or Montreal Road – you have been trying to show your local knowledge too much!
Nicki is growing & is so sweet – she is lying on my feet & looks as pretty as can be – the children love her & I have to protect her to give her some peace.
Lots & lots of love from us all –
xxxx from Lindy & Charlie – Cyn.

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