July 29 1956

Except for the clipping about Dr. Forsyth’s work which came from the scrapbook, these items go mostly with the last letter- Visual Aids to keep Carol in touch with changes in Ottawa!

Sunday 29th July

Dearest Mummy,
Here are a few odds & ends to amoose you. We have just been down to see Ken’s garden – it is really lovely – it has been so cool & plenty of rain this year that everything is green & bushy & growing beautifully. We ate raspberries & blackberries & came home laden with wax beans, new potatoes, pink rhubarb, new carrots, carnations & a rose! It has been cold today- was 64° in the house this morning but we resisted the temptation to put the furnace on! The only 3 hot days this year were when we were on our trip – such a change from last year, isn’t it? We had such a nice relaxed lazy day today though – I have just loafed around & thoroughly enjoyed it. Cec is working in the study now & the children are in bed.

I have a book I am thinking of sending you “Tender Victory” by Taylor Caldwell – we got it from our Book Club & both thought it was very good & that you would enjoy it. It is about an Anglican clergyman in the U.S. – fiction. My little bit of paper is full, so I’ll say Night – Night –
Lots of love

Pete Forsyth- Friend and Colleague of Cec’s from the Saskatoon days.

In the last letter, Cyn told her mother about their spending spree on furnishings and the paddlng pool.

AS Cyn’s comment says, these are their new living room curtains, only not in this ghastly colour, but in natural ‘matchstick bamboo’.

This article refers to the visit Carol made to Ottawa 5 years before when Linda was a baby and they were all living in an Eastview apartment. Cyn has written on the top of this cutting “Do you remember poor Giselle?” who was obviously then a neighbour as her parents’ address is Ethel Street which Carol would remember.

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