June 26 1956

As always, Cec’s birthday and Father’s Day were the same week as the Columbus Conference. So the family celebrated while on holiday!

26th June 1956.

Dearest Mummy,
I hope you haven’t been wondering too hard if we got home safely. We certainly did, & really enjoyed our holiday immensely, but it was nice to be home again! We got home on the Sun. evening & had to begin taking off storm windows & putting on screens straight away! It has been so cold we hadn’t done it before, so Cec stayed home most of Mon. & we did it. Then on Tuesday I had a huge wash – eleven shirts amongst all other things! And the garden is a jungle!

To cap it all on Fri. afternoon Cec called to say he had a phone call from Paul & Angie Routley. They are now in California but had flown east to visit their homes & were in Montreal & coming to Ottawa for a few days so of course we invited them to come to us. The house was in a mess as I hadn’t done much so I dashed around – washed & polished both bathrooms & down the stairs – fixed their bedroom – cleaned the sitting room etc. Ooof! Got all my cleaning done in a hurry though!

Paul and Angie arrived on Sat. morning & looked just the same after 3 years! That evening we got together all the group we knew them – 14 altogether – & had a party here who was quite fun. On Sun. they went and visited around & then came back to dinner & we had Lila too. On Monday Paul went in with Cec & Angie stayed here & in the evening we had Alex & Phyl over & had a good time. They left yesterday morning & I did another huge wash (7 sheets this time!) & by late last night Cec & I could just get up enough strength to creep to bed!! It was lots of fun though but that’s why I haven’t written! Will write soon again & tell you more of the trip & thank you properly for your letters.
Hope all goes well with you & A. Trix – also the domestics! Hugs & kisses from the children & lots of love from us all – Cyn.

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