December 28 1955

28th Dec. 1955.

Darling Mummy,
I am sorry that I haven’t written for so long, but you can imagine what a hectic time we are having – I had my list of 24 things to do before Christmas & did 22 – one not done was the oven but you’ll be glad to hear that I did it today!! I am in the middle of a long letter with lists of presents etc. but I can see that I will never get it done tonight, so I thought I would leave it for the time being & write this instead to tell you that we had a lovely Christmas and to send all our love and best wishes for the New Year.
First of all, Charlie’s birthday was a great success – he was thrilled with his wagon & his first words were “Now I won’t have to ride on the little bicycle anymore”! He just loved the musical box you gave him & even took it to bed with him & wouldn’t be parted from it. He says thank you very, very much, dear Grannie for it & the pretty card & sends a big hug & kiss. We all went to town for dinner & had a very nice time & it was a big treat for Mummy as well as Charlie!
On the Mon. evening Cec & I went to the N.R.C. party, & I’ll tell you all about that in my long letter. On the Tues. we had Lea & Wendell & Daryl to dinner & had a quite a nice time – Daryl is so much improved since they went to Carp & was very good. Did I tell you that Lea is preggy? Sometime in June. Isn’t it a good thing that they are at last settled? All that week was perishing cold – never got above zero for days & days, but on the Wed. we took the children to town to see Santa Claus & do our last shopping. Lindy wouldn’t go up of course but Charlie dashed up & asked for both his & Linda’s things, & then when he’d seen the trains, he dashed back to Santa to tell him where they were!


We had Lila & Santiago to dinner on Christmas Day – I went to Midnight Service on Christmas Eve – & had a very nice peaceful day & I think we all enjoyed it. Cec had the Mon. holiday, so we had a nice rest then. Last night we had Margie & Cy to dinner & bridge (gave Margie the little mitts) tomorrow night we’re having Dr & Mrs. Velasco (Spanish) to dinner, & on Sunday, Jim & Lee & the boys, so we are busy but it’s fun.
Thank you so much for all our Christmas presents – I love my earrings & Cec likes his cufflinks v. much & is delighted with his ashtray. My petticoat was a real surprise. Lindy is so thrilled with her ironing board & Charlie with his truck & all the things for their stockings. I’ll write again really soon & tell more. We all thought of you on Christmas Day & hoped you had a nice time. Lots & lots of love from us all, Cyn.

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