December 5 1955

Monday 5th Dec.

Dearest Mummy,
We all thought of you flying away south yesterday, and hoped that you had an easy, uneventful flight and arrive safely and promptly in Trinidad. Lindy got your letter and package of Betsy McCall’s today and was absolutely enchanted! Sat down at once and began cutting and was very happy. Both Lu & Myrtle told me they had got cards from you – in fact Lu phoned me up particularly to tell me someone had beaten her in sending out their cards- you! I went to town on Sat. afternoon & got ours but I have been putting off doing them- sort of have a scunner against the idea! Today I made my Christmas cake & a Christmas pudding & on Friday evening I made 8 pint jars of mincemeat, so I am quite well ahead in other respects.

In Lindy’s little note you said what a busy time you were having with all the parties etc. I hope that they were all fun & that you enjoyed them despite the rush. We went to the Ramsay’s party on Thursday evening & really had a good time. They had practically the whole department & had their basement all fixed up for dancing with a record player & a little bar & it was a lot of fun. Cec & I felt very hilarious & in a “let’s have lots more parties” mood after it, but unfortunately the Spectroscopy Christmas Party has fallen through, because of lack of support, so we have no prospects! I am disappointed as I think it would’ve been a good thing & fun, but it wasn’t until after they decided to cancel it that everyone became enthusiastic.

I hope that you find Auntie Gee & Auntie Trix well – also Sylvia & the rest of the family. It will seem strange to get back to the Christmas preparations in St.V. after the Christmas preparations in New York. It is still snowy & icy here & tonight is going to be 10° so maybe you left just in time to avoid getting nipped! We went round to Fanni’s this afternoon – me pulling the kids on the sleigh – & my ears nearly froze! We saw the little baby – chubby & pink & cute – another Peter! [Piotr, actually.]
Must stop – this is really just to welcome you back to St.V. & say that we are all thinking of you. Kisses from Lindy & Charlie & lots of love from us all – Cyn

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