October 1955

As the autumn approached, Carol made arrangements to return home to St. Vincent- gradually. Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second weekend of October, so she had a Thanksgiving feast with the Costains, and then arranged to fly to New York to visit her sister and nieces until after the American Thanksgiving at the end of November. Dressed in our coats from Harrods, we went to the airport to say goodbye to Grannie.

And as soon as Cyn got her bread-and-butter letter from Long Island, the letters started up again!

Box 330
Ottawa R.R.1.

Dearest Mummy,
Thank you so much for your letter – I thought that I would wait until I heard from you so that we wouldn’t start off with crossing letters. Cec & I were so pleased to know that you enjoyed your visit & think that we are so happy – we think so too! We all loved having you and Lindy & Charlie talk about you all the time & keep saying how sorry they are that you have left. I think that they must really miss you as they have nearly been driving me crazy – hanging around me and yak – yak – yakking!
We were so glad that you had a nice uneventful trip – it is nice that it is so quick – by the time we were home we reckoned you would be in Montreal, and before Cec was back again you would be with A. Ettie & Monie. So nice not to have a long dreary time in between.

As you can imagine we have no real news! However, Cec took Charlie to Dr. Wilson on Wed. & we were most relieved as Dr. W. says he is absolutely fine – no signs of trouble at all. We were also pleased as Charlie was a bit tearful at the thoughts of going and set out with Cec very doubtfully, but when he actually went into the Dr.’s office he was very cheerful and stood up on the table and said “I’ll show you where it hurts” & ended up by being great friends with the Dr. Another step forward in the right direction was on Friday I had the shoe man call with new shoes for them. Linda insisted beforehand that she wasn’t going to see him & was going to stay in her bedroom all the time. I said nothing, and when he arrived she just came & sat beside me & let me try on shoes with no fuss & even let the man feel her foot!! Charlie made no objection of course & it was all most peaceful & pleasant – for the first time in at least 2 years! Charlie got little brown Oxfords & Linda a brown pair with two little straps & buckles on top & she is very proud of them. $14.00 worth!!
The “animal” in the children’s room made a recurrence 2 or 3 nights ago – at least Linda insisted he did! Anyway for peace we moved them into Grannie’s room & they are tickled to bits! Linda is in your bed & Charlie on the couch & they think it is great fun. Actually we have decided we may make the change permanent as it is a slightly bigger room, so we will move their furniture in in a little while. Also Ken has told us if we want to paint any rooms & change colour schemes he will supply paint & brushes etc. so we will do that room & their present one I think – not just this minute though! Also do the pink in the kitchen.
I have been doing Linda’s little pinafore dress & just have the hem to hem! Also have remodelled one of my “shift” nighties! I have bought material for skirts for Christmas for Anne & Janita – called “Canadian North” & very colourful with deer & squirrels & canoes etc. Also the nightie for Nan (white with mauve flowers!) & one or two other Christmas presents – including Charlie’s train! Miss Lefroy’s Tissuette came & I put Kleenex in & will mail it tomorrow.
Cec has had a long busy weekend cleaning windows, taking down screens, painting storm windows & putting them up. They are nearly all on now except for a couple on which the paint was still wet. I don’t seem to have done much but dillyed & dallied & Lindy & I went to Sunday School this morning.
We have been having some nice bright colder weather with the frost for a couple of nights, so we have a festoon of green tomatoes across the kitchen window. I picked a bunch of the last zinnias & some chrysanthemums before the frost & took them & a little plant to Gudrun. Reminds me, heard from Gunborg last week – all well & had a wonderful time all over Europe. Re: plants – the small ivy pots in the kitchen have had a set back – Charlie knocked off one & Linda knocked off another! So far remembered to water everything!


Margie just phoned to ask if you had a good trip & we had a long chat. Cy is due on Wed. or Thurs. & she is all busy getting ready.
Must stop & get to bed – I had meant to write lots of other letters but of course didn’t. Cec & Lindy & Charlie & I all send lots of love & kisses – Cyn. P.T.O.:

Hope you have a nice time with Marie.

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