August Birthday 1955

After the holiday at the cottage, the next exciting event was Linda’s birthday. Grannie had been in Ann Arbour for the actual birth, but never for a birthday celebration, so that made it special, and so did the prospect of a party. The November before, Janek’s 3rd birthday party had overwhelmed the children at their first party with 16 guests, but Cyn had told her mother that she thought they would try something smaller and get the two children used to such celebrations.

They sent invitations to the Ramsay girls, Barry, Janek, and Joanne Tomlinson who lived in the area, none of whom really knew each other at that point although Linda, Joanne and Janek would be in the same class from Kindergarten through to Grade 13!

So besides the birthday girl, there were 3 girls and 3 boys and they posed in party clothes on a nice August day.

Front Row: in shadow Wendy Ramsay, Janek Blachut, Shirley Ramsay. Standing: Joanne, Cyn holding Charlie, the birthday girl Linda, and Barry Gander.

I am sorry that there is no letter telling what happened at the party, but there were cards, probably little presents, and a very girly cake!

Since Cyn recorded all this in her scrapbook, I assume it was successful as all her well-planned events were. However, the family celebration was probably more fun for Linda and Charlie. Since Linda had a summer birthday and Charlie a winter one, they usually got a big present that both could enjoy- such as a sandbox or a sleigh.

The big present. Since they already had a tiny tricycle, and a wagon, they had lots of wheels!

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