May and June 1955

As Cyn and Cec prepared for their visitors in the summer by buying a dining table and chairs and writing letters about the arrangements to Carol in St. Vincent, they heard from family in the west, where Cec’s sister Merle and her husband Dix planned to come to Toronto, visiting Uncle Milton and Aunt Lily, returning Lea and Daryl who had been staying with them to Ottawa, and meeting Linda and Charlie for the first time. It was going to be a summer full of visitors!

However, ordinary family life went on, celebrations over Mother’s Day in May, and Cec’s attendance at the Spectroscopy Conference in Columbus, Ohio in June, which was, as it had been the previous year, the week of his birthday on June 16th.

The Spectroscopy Section had their photograph taken on the steps of the N.R.C. on Sussex Drive, with Dr. Herzberg in the front row wearing glasses, and Cec the tallest in the back row left.

Sounds like Carol is already packing!

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