October 1 1954

Friday 1st Oct.
Dearest Mummy,
I was meaning to write to you a long letter this week, but I have just realized that if I don’t right now I won’t have a chance all weekend, so I am dashing to it. Thank you so much for your 2 A.M.s last week & also your letter of the week before. I will really write properly next week & answer them. Linda & I were thrilled to know that the pyjamas were already made & on their way & we hope they come soon. It was sweet of you to get them done so quickly & I’m sure they will still be big enough really – the ones that I measured still fit her very well actually, but I just suddenly got a shock when I realized that they weren’t really as big for her as I thought! Both she & Charlie are sprouting so since we came here – both still with chubby little hands with dimples & fat little round arms, but Lindy is actually getting a little fair hairs on her legs so must must be turning into a girl & no longer a baby! Thank you so much for your reckoning of how I may pay for the pyjamas too Mummy! I really feel that I should have paid for something as I asked for them to be done quickly etc. but if you are sure it is all right we are delighted! Thank the sewing lady for me & I will send the earphone batteries next week.
I am sorry you have had so much bother over my bright idea of Canadian Real Estate! Please don’t worry about it really – it was just one of those nice ideas, but actually an awful lot of bother & probably not a bit practical! Even if we could buy a lot, goodness knows when we could build & maybe when we really do get to that stage, restrictions will be fewer & we’ll be able to borrow money from you more easily! (Giggle!)
I haven’t written to you since we went up to see Joan & Ray & although I have no room to go into details, we had a very nice time. Deep River is a pretty place right on the Ottawa River & although the weather was no great shakes we got out for walks etc. The children enjoyed the train hugely & were very good on the whole. Joan put the baby (Catherine) in with Carol & Linda & Charlie slept in Catherine’s room – a borrowed bed for L. & the playpen for Ch. so all was fine. I found they got a bit tired & slightly fractious, but this was due I think to 1) strange surroundings 2) slightly different food to which they weren’t used & sometimes wouldn’t eat & 3) more walks than usual, but as I said they were really very good & slept well & made no fuss. Catherine is a fat sweet contented baby & Carol is a nice friendly little girl. J. & R. are just the same – we had some great bridge battles in the evening & really had fun. We came home on the Mon. afternoon & with it being a short week I had lots to do – washing etc. Mrs. Rothwell had me in to play bridge one evening & Cec & I went to see an English film “Doctor in the House” another evening & laughed our heads off! I must have caught a bug somewhere as on Mon. & Tues. I had quite a tummy upset – of course we immediately thought “Jaundice!” But it wasn’t anything the same really & by Wed. I was feeling better & quite OK by Thurs., but I didn’t do much till then. Tonight we are going to see Jim & Lee – haven’t seen them in an age but Lee is feeling fine again – was deathly sick at first. Tomorrow Chris is coming for the weekend – he leaves for Denmark in a few weeks & we’ll be so sorry to see him go.
Must fly – Cec is working at night again so have a pile of dishes to wash – breakfast & lunch! The babies are sleeping but would send lots of xxxxs – Lots of love from us all – Cyn.

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