July 2 1954

July 2nd 1954

Darling Mummy,

I have just finished writing to Nan to congratulate her on the birth of her daughter – isn’t it fun? I am so glad as I feel that they will be so thrilled & Mrs. Allan will be over the moon to have a little girl to pet. I expect Nan will have let you know, but if not she is to be Barbara Jane & weighed 8 pounds & Nan had a lovely time which was nice, wasn’t it?
Thank you so much for your nice long letter mailed 21st- it came on Friday 25th, so the mails are really being quick now. I have a whole bunch of stuff to send by sea this week, but thought I’d send this A.M. in the meanwhile. I don’t seem to have much news to tell you – the weather is still queer with one real hot day & then a storm or something & dull weather for a while. On Wed a.m. we had an eclipse of the sun here – did you read about it? It was at about 7 a.m. & Cec & I got up & saw it – it wasn’t quite complete in Ottawa – the total eclipse was some hundred miles north at Goose Bay & tribes of scientists went up for it & of them all the N.R.C. plane with Alex in charge of the recording machine & various others from the Observatory were the only ones to get it as it was so cloudy & they just happened to hit a clear patch at the crucial moment. Wasn’t that good?
Yesterday was a holiday here, Dominion Day & Cec was at home. Claire came & as the Nursery School was closed for the day she brought Jerry too & he & Linda had fun playing in the sand & the paddling pool. Joan & Boris came about 6 & we had a buffet supper after the children were in bed. Last Sun. we had Mr. & Mrs. Blachut & family to tea. He is the man who drives to work with Cec & they take turns with their cars – they have built a new house near here. We thought they were Swiss but it turns out that she is Swiss & he is Polish – was interned there during the War. They have a nice little boy just 2 months younger than Linda called Janek & a wee 5 wks. old boy called Danny – Linda was most intrigued with both! They seem very nice people. I have been weeding & am eaten by mosquitoes- have been bad this week after some rainy days, but they don’t seem to bother Linda at all – isn’t it strange? Must dash & put this out for the mail man – Hugs & kisses from us all –
Lots & lots of love from Cyn.

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